All About IBC Bin (Intermediate Bulk Containers)

In the industries where different products/goods are manufactured, the requirements for various containers are high for storing, and other purposes. As there are different types of containers, one of the most reliable types of storage containers is the intermediate bulk containers. This intermediate container is also called the IBC bin. With the quality of being reusable, and the ability to provide multi-graded industrial applications, these containers are preferred by numerous manufacturing industries. Some of the various points that describe all about these containers are mentioned below.

  1. What Is IBC Bin?
  2. What Is IPC (Intermediate Process Containers) Bin Loader?
  3. What are The Applications and Process of IBC Bin?


The IBC bins are rigid type containers that have a combined pallet that is used in storing solid, liquid, and other substances. The body of the IBC bins is made up of either plastic/metal or by a combination of two different materials. IBC (Intermediate bulk containers) tanks hold a huge capacity, and their ability to carry a heavy amount of items is also useful for numerous industries like oil refineries and pharmaceutical industries to carry out fluids and gases in a bulk quantity. There are other types of tanks, such as the flexible intermediate bulk containers. This container is made from fiber wood, folding plastic, or aluminum of heavy quality so that the container is durable and as a result, this container can store and mix material like sand, powder, and fertilizer in bulk with more flexibility. This Intermediate bulk container tank is DOT/UN certified, which means the container is perfectly suitable for transporting non-hazardous & hazardous goods that come under II and III level packaging commodities. As a matter of fact, most of the IBC bins are also certified with some other quality check which makes them industry compatible.

Ibc Bin - Intermediate Process Container


IPC bin loader is one of the special types of storage container used in transporting, handling, and mixing up various powders at a specific period during the process. One of the salient features of the IPC process containers bin loader is that it is designed to handle the load of the trolley, which makes it easy for containers to coordinate with the equipment like tablet press and sachet fillers. Another application of the container is that this IPC bin loader can transfer material from one place to another by itself, which is a beneficial aspect in the dust-free transfer of materials without involving any human touch. Mostly the use of these containers is seen in loading powders into the RMG bowl and also for loading powder in the tablet press hopper.

Bind Loader


APPLICATIONS: First and foremost application of the intermediate bulk container tank is that it is used to mix various materials present in different forms like solid, fluid, and powder/granules. Another application of the IBC bin is related to its speed, which means the containers are useful when high-speed mixing of materials is required. The IBC bins are also used when the lubricants have to be converted into powder or granule particles.

PROCESS: The process of IBC containers starts with the filling, where the machine IBC bins are filled up with materials of different kinds. Once the tank filling is complete, this container starts mixing and handling side by side so that it saves more time and work efficiency. After this process, the IBC bin loader is transported to the other equipment that is going to be used for the further processing of the material, where the role of this intermediate bulk container is to transfer the material into the equipment carefully. The reason why industries prefer this container is that the intermediate bulk container price is efficient and affordable for various industries. Another reason for preferring this container is because these IBC bins play an important role in the material making process. Hence, here are the various types of bin loaders with their numerous features and applications.