All About Liquid Syrup Manufacturing Plant

Automatic Liquid Syrup Manufacturing Facility. Liquid Manufacturing Plants are the perfect resources for the pharmaceutical industry to manufacture Oral Liquids. This is precisely built to take account of two crucial aspects that significantly influence the consistency of liquids& Maximise physical storage of liquids.

Working Principle

The zero holds the filter press in completely different directions of the liquid flow to the flow in the normal filter. The unfiltered air is pumped into the main portion of the system, resulting in heavy pressure from the top inlet.

The filter media removes the liquid as the entire liquid falls evenly on each tray. Solids stay on the filter media and the filtered liquid is deposited in the container and is then distributed via the nozzle.

Variable Speed Agitation

• The agitator may be powered up or down or magnetic.

• Form of the propeller, a form of an anchor with a high-speed blower or rotor-state homogenizer.

Completely integrated Liquid Syrup Processing Plant consisting of Sugar Loading / Transfer Device.

  • Sugar Melting Vessel with mixing stirrer:

The Sugar Melting Tank is a plated cylindrical tank with torque plate ends. For agitation of the air, a propeller-type stirrer is given.

  • Basket Filter & Transfer Pump:

The Sugar Filter is a tiny tank containing a mesh by which the sugar syrup is filtered until being transported to the production vessel.

  • Syrup Manufacturing vessel with a stirrer:

Manufacturing Vessels a jacketed cylindrical vessel of torque layer ends and a rotor-shaped agitator the vessel can be fitted via an above stirrer throughout the lower stirrer configuration.

  • Inline Homogeniser:

The Homogenizer container or flexible tank is used with the development vessel to minimize the density and increase the efficiency of the mixing phase.

  • Zero Hold up Filter press:

Zero Hold Filter Press is designed to filter the liquid up to a micrometre in the sensor pad of a cartridge.

  • Storage Tank with a stirrer

A Holding Tank is a cylindrical tank of torispherical ends where the product can be stored and handled before it has been transferred to the filing side.

This same machine consists of even shuttered-circuit processing facility, from the Sugar / Water method feeder to a Volumetric Liquid Filling System.

Sugar and water are filled with a vacuum system or with a hydraulic or module.

Sugar Syrup Vessel is equipped with a high-speed stirrer or heating devices (in a small model)/steam heating (in a greater model).

Sugar syrup is stored at the appropriate temperature and transported to the Processing Vessel through a vacuum or switch device.

Preparation Vessel & Liquid Syrup Manufacturing Plant
Preparation Vessel & Liquid Syrup Manufacturing Plant


  • Full filtration cycle with no unfiltered liquid holding.
  • The opposite path of flow saves a great deal of time and expense.
  • Single pass filtration without a firm bypass.
  • Complete sample recovery, no need for a special scavenging method.
  • Adequate sealing that enables the filtration of dangerous, unsafe, and volatile materials.

Available for various diameters and plate amounts.

The optimal solution for the pharmaceutical industries for oral liquids. The method consists of the preparation of the sugar syrup. Ingredient Blending and processing with pipe delivery of the component.

All About Liquid Syrup Manufacturing Plant