All About Vibro Sifter (Sieving Machine)

Vibro Sifter in simple terms refers to machinery which is used majorly for separation of a mass composition of solids, liquid from solid, and any grading which may be required in production. This machinery is most used in pharmaceutical solid or liquid separation. The Vibro Sifter machine acts as a sieve and looks like a screen or mesh placed on the base plate.

Principle of the working of the Vibro sifter– The Vibro sifter machine works on the principle of gyratory vibrations which distinguishes the material to be sifted on basis of the particle size. The motor attached to it gets into motion and the vibration which occurs in the screen or the sieve sets the energy for the particles to travel across based on their sizes. Hence filtering is done. This machine is known by many names like Vibro sifter, Vibro screen, Vibrating screen, lab Vibro sifter, pharmaceutical sifter, Vibro sieve, powder sieving machine, and so forth. This beautifully designed Vibro sifter machine generates a vibratory movement in three planes along a vertical axis which makes it very flexible and versatile.

This is also an essential machine for the gradation of material. The suspension for sieves is done on a spring so that vibration is not travelled to the floor and a smooth and efficient operation is done. A sifter is also used to break up clumps and aerate and combine them. Some of the salient features include:

  • Ideal for gradation and separation
  • Different models available as per gradation and power
  • Suitable for a wide range of material
  • Dust-free set up and lead-free sieves
  • Easily fitted model with clamps

This high-performance Vibro screen improves the quality of products globally provides a customized approach. A Vibro screen is all the screens that are circular and operating with a special Vibro motor. The benefit of this screen is that it imparts vibration in multiple directions. Since the production process in critical industries needs to be handled with utmost care in a compact environment to avoid any hazardous risk, this machine comes with utmost safety and with all the guidelines ensured. The sieving machine also ensures that the outcome provided is of utmost good quality and the finest and since most of the time this needs to be transferred to another processing stage, delicacy or fine finish is essential.

This machine is also used in other industries like chemical, plastic rubber compounds, detergents, and pesticides. To probe a little more into its working, the material to be sifted is placed on top through an inlet and is put on the screen used for that purpose. The particles that are very small in size are sieved and the bigger particles are released through another channel or pipe or outlet. The vibratory motor and the weights that are attached or placed on top of the screen and below the screen helps in the desired filtration of the material.

This soundproof sieving machine helps in a very hygienic and noiseless operation coupled with a quickness. The attachments and side parts are movable, fixable, and very easy to clean. All manufacturers who follow the sound and good compliances opt for this vibratory sifter. The advancements in technology have definitely proved to be a boon for manufacturers helping them in reaping profits by making their presence felt global. The machines are available in double or triple decks with sifting systems. Available in a multitude of options, uncompromised by the quality and with the best quotes, this affordable sieving machine has made big progress in the way they are being used and supplied across countries.