All You Need to Know About Tablet Coating Machines

Medical Ingredients coated in one tablet/ pills according to the suitable preferences is known as Tablet coating.

A tablet coating is a procedure where a pill is coated with a thin polymer based film on it. As it is a severe process that cannot be conducted by human labours, Machines are used to coat a tablet.

For further understanding we have provided detailed bullets of All you need to know about Tablet Coated Machines.

  • Features of Tablet coating machine
  • Structure of Machine
  • Tablet Coating Process
  • Different type of Tablet Coating Machine

Features of Tablet Coating Machine:

First Let us learn important features of Tablet Coating Machine:

Operative Features:

  • First of all you will require an Automatic Tablet Coater in order to reconstruct, repair or change various components whenever it is mandatory.
  • Isolating Components will make it reliable for the operative to troubleshoot.
  • The Tablet Coating machine increases the efficiency of Tablet coating Process.

Technical Features:

  • The Tablet Coating Machine increases the accuracy of the entire process.
  • The Microprocessor helps in controlling the temperature & running temperature as well as it adjusts the Atomization automatically.

Pollution Control Features:

Structure of Machine:

  • The Design of the Tablet Coating Machine should match with certain CGPM ( Current Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations. The Structure of the machine should be approved by the U.S Food and Drug Administration ( FDA).
  • The Material used in the Tablet coater machine should be tested resistant & Corrosion proof material .
  • Some other parts that are included in the Machine are coating substrate container, coating drum,spraying device, etc.

Tablet Coating Process:

The Tablet Coating process Includes different stages through which a tablet is passed before completing the process & approval of any tablet.

  • Peristaltic Pump : Any Tablet Coating Process starts with Peristaltic Pumping where various fluids are inserted in the tablet.
  • Spraying gun, spraying nozzle, and atomization process: In this process the tablet goes through a spraying gun that sprays thin polymer film on the tablet, after that nozzles are sprayed & Atomized spraying System For tablet coating is used for atomizing any tablets/pills.
  • Coating Drum or Coating Pan: A Coating Drum or Coating Pan is used in a Lab Tablet Coater to sugar coat or Film coat any tablet.
  • Control Mechanism: After all the stages a tablet has to go through the final stage of Tablet Coating Process where A Tablet coating system controls the mechanism of air heating unit, electrical installation & Exhaust, etc.

We think now you can conveniently monitor the process of Tablet Coating without any hassle.

Different Types of Tablet Coating Machines:

The Various Types of Tablet Coating Machines are :

  • Standard Coating Pan :

The standard Coating pan is a metal pan between 15 to 200 cm in diameter which has a bench stop in it. In the Standard Coating Pan the tablets are loaded in the coating pan which rotates frequently as the machine performs its task.

After that the machine applies a coating solution on each tablet in the atomized format which allows rapid allocation compared to distributed in liquid.

  •  Automatic Tablet Coating Machine:

The Automatic Tablet Coating Machine is used in large scale pharmaceutical companies where manpower is used as a secondary resource & Machines as a primary resource of manufacturing the tablets, pills & medicines.

These Automatic machines help in coating the tablet with both sugar & film coating as well as it arranges the tablet in atomized format automatically.

  • Perforated Pan:

The Perforated Pan are made up of partial or complete perforated drums which rotate in horizontal axis.

The Perforated Pan is used to spray nozzles of coating solutions on the tablets are most preferable machines preferred in pharmaceutical companies.

All you need to know about tablet coating machines