Are you looking for quality tablet press and laboratory pilot scale equipment?

The tablet coating and tablet press process are one of the most necessary segments for the pharmaceutical industries. We at Shree Bhagwati Machtech provide high-end and quality tablet press machines each with different utility and feature for meeting your industry needs and requirements. Above all, we also design laboratory pilot scale equipment for easing your pharmacy, chemical and catalyst industry needs.

Today, when numbers of medicines are administered in tablet form, the tablet press machines work like a boon for the pharmaceutical industries. However, these tablet press machines help in preparing drugs as well as helps in tablet making process involving using a die and punching different power particles to form a final tablet. 

The types of tablet press machine we manufacture:

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We also design, and manufacture different types of laboratory pilot scale equipment that helps the industry owners in the process of wet and dry granulation process, size reduction of the large chunks of material, dispersion, research and development of the pharmaceutical products, calculate time and pressure for optimum success, granulation and cooling of both heat sensitive and non-heat sensitive materials, etc. to name a few. 

For laboratory pilot scale equipment, we design the following equipment:

  • Lab ball mill
  • Lab blender
  • Lab Colloid Mill
  • Lab Communiting Mill
  • Lab Cone Mill
  • Lab Conventional Coating Mill
  • Lab Extruder, Power Extruder
  • Lab Fluid Bed Dryer
  • Lab Fluid Bed Processor & Coater
  • Lab Liquid Syrup Manufacturing Plant
  • Lass Mass Mixer
  • Lab Multi Mill
  • And much more. 

When you are running a pharmacy, laboratory, agrochemical, chemical,  plastic or food industry; you might require numbers of equipment that are helpful in granulation, drying, blending, size reduction, cooling, and other processes. We are expert and experienced in designing and developing these machines for your industry at the best rates. 

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