Shree Bhagwati makes a Wide Product Range of Automatic Linear Measuring Cap Pressing Machine Model SBCPP-300. High Accuracy Machine is appropriate for Round or other shape of LDPE, HDPE, Plastic Glass, PET, and Bottles the speed would be the Customized Solution and it’s depend on Measuring Cap Size, Bottle Shape, Bottle Height, and Bottle Diameter.

Latest Equipment of dosing cap pressing machine having the special Linear Design with Change Parts structure for Change in Bottle Size. Superior quality of machine is completely coordinated with Front and Back Bottle Holding Belt with Top stabilize and Cap Pressing Belt structure.

The mechanism is constructed with Stainless Steel finish as well as with M.S. frame structure and Stainless Steel Cladding/Enclosures. It’s perfect for application in Cosmetic Food, Pesticides Pharmaceutical and & Other Industries. Dosing cap pressing machine is user friendly function to handle with different type and size of bottles.

The Machine is capable with Orientation type Cap Feeder or Vibratory type Bowl Feeder it’s depending on cap shape and size. For continue feeding of Measuring Cap for online function on any liquid of powder filling line. This machine is suitable for different sizes of Bottles and Measuring Cap with the help of change parts. Machine is appropriate for application in Pharmaceutical and other industries require higher manufacture speed on automatic online function.

The unique range of dossing cup pressing machine is start with feed container moving on conveyor belt are feed into an In-feed star wheel through In-feed worm, star wheel convey the sealed container under the Cap Pressing plate, in the meantime the sealed bottle pickup a cup as of the delivery chute of bowl, wherever the body and the neck of the container are situated below the Cap Pressing plate, where the Cap Pressing plate press cup slowly & performing ideal function of cup Cap Pressing.