Bottle washing machines

Glass and PET bottles have long been widely accepted in the beverage industry. Breweries, mineral springs, producers of soft drinks, and bottlers working with deposit systems use bottle washing machines for cleaning glass or PET bottles. 

How are the bottles washed using bottle washing machines?

The bottles are first submerged in one or more alkaline baths, based on the type of bottle washing machine (single-or double-end). Using spray nozzles, the inside of the containers is then washed.

Importance of Bottle Washing Machine 

Because bottle washing is a task that does not allow a single hygiene and product safety error and requires the economical use of water as it is a precious resource. Our series of bottle washing machines demonstrate how to balance these two extremes. Whether we are speaking about the enclosed room or high outputs, readily soluble labels or complicated work profiles. Multi-functional or inexpensive fundamental kit: each of our bottle washing machines has been built to meet distinct needs and is an experienced specialist in their selected sector. However, for all the unique abilities of each structure, they all have one common thread. They carry significant responsibility for your goods and our resources–a duty that they fulfil and master to excellence.

Our automatic design bottle washing machines are incredibly versatile, alternate cycle machines. These machines are designed according to the customer’s instructions, are incredibly flexible, and can adapt to the most diverse client demands.

Thanks to a single but useful washing cycle, operating expenses can be decreased, and outstanding washing outcomes can still be obtained. They are also securing that the bottles are thoroughly cleaned, totally separated from their labels, and emptied from inside.

The idea that these bottle cleaning machines are so simple to use and clean allows for high outputs and minimal downtime of the machine, demanding practically no maintenance.

The modular design of the machine allows the customer to “construct” the machine according to their specific demands, adjusting it to different applications. The high-quality standards and sophisticated technology together with competent and reliable after-sales service make these model machines an excellent starting point for automated bottle washing.

Benefits of the Bottle Washing Machine

  • Increases the lifespan of the caustic solution
  • Robust handling of dust
  • Extending manufacturing time with fewer machine stops and unexpected failures
  • Enhanced cleaning outcomes 
  • Significantly, better general machine condition 
  • No flawless zones deposits
  • Reduced maintenance.

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