Buying Guide for Capping Machine

Capping machine packs a liquid good by placing a cap or lid to every container securely. Capping containers manually can be a nightmare, as it wastes a lot of time, and ensuring every cap is tightened or snapped is a hassle. To ease the process automated capping machines will prove to be a better option. The machine not only speeds up the capping process but also ensures every cap is sanitary and the product doesn’t get contaminated.

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The capping machines not only save time but they also streamline the activity of capping the containers and getting them ready for shipping. It helps you get uniform and consistent results with an option to purchase an entire system at once or one part at a time, according to your budget.

Buying with care

While buying a capper machine ROPP can very well fulfil your needs. The roll-on pilfers proof closure machine was introduced many years ago but they have been improved and made efficient over the years. A ROPP capper is similar to chuck capper though they do not equip clutch mechanism. They can be purchased as single or multiple head systems.

The ROPP cap sealing machine comes with an advantage that it seals the container and ensures tamperproof delivery at the same time. the latest machines are produced by using excellent quality stainless steel raw material and with an additional hard chrome plating and cladding to ensure complete corrosion resistance and durability. They come with self-lubricating technology which helps significantly reducing friction. Their noiseless and efficient conveying of the capping process also makes them a favourable choice. They can work vibration-free so they are useful for almost every work.

Semi Automatic ROPP Cap Sealing Machine - Single Head
Semi Automatic ROPP Cap Sealing Machine – Single Head

Additionally, their torque can be adjusted and consumes less power with a low noise level. Some of the latest ROPP capper machines include an acrylic cabinet, motorized height adjustment option, and protection guard for safety and specially designed hopper for a bigger storage capacity of the bowl.

Types of models

They are available in various models these days in automatic and semi-automatic models that can perfectly complete the advanced bottle capping requirements. There are number of machines available in the capping segment that can suit your need. The productivity level varies according to the model you opt for your needs. The capping machine can be found in various industries such as Beverage and food, paints & sealants, pharmaceuticals and medical, personal care / health & beauty, and distilled spirits and wine.

There are different types of cap available in the market such as screw cap which have threads on it to secure the cap to the product like plastic screw caps, press-on closure which holds its place using beats and undercuts instead of threads, tear-off cap and more.

Choosing the right capping machine is crucial some of the factors to be considered are size range of caps for your product, the geometrics of the cap, closure design & fit of the closure, level of automation, future expansion, operation conditions, level of integration, and most important initial capital investment for the machinery.

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