Different Blenders for Various Industrial Applications

A blender is an important instrument for pharmaceutical industries. This equipment allows proper mixing of different chemicals & drugs in liquid as well as dry state. It helps in fulfilling the mixing requirements of the industries while sustaining proper composition & reactions of the medical industry.

A wide variety of blenders are available in the market for different mixing purposes. A brief detailed description of the use of blenders like double cone blenders, octagonal blenders, V blenders, Conta blenders, containers tumbler blenders, and much more such equipment are given below.

Double Cone Blender

A double cone blender is an excellent pharmaceutical equipment that has two ends lengthened to enhance the mixing and tumbling of dry powder in the industry. This double cone blender is used to obtain uniformity during the processing of the components at a better speed. This double cone blending machine observes standard CGMP directives, hence is suitable for ideal granular as well as homogenized mixing of different clusters into a single volume at a rapid pace.

Features like an electric control panel, fixed baffles that help in lump breaking, product container that has a butterfly valve & manhole along with discharge enhance the processing of the cone blender. The PLC controls with HMI Controls ensure the operator feasibility while safety reeling with the limit switch, overload protection & emergency stop improvise the safety factors.

Octagonal Blender

The octagonal shape blenders are known for fast and effective uniform mixing of different materials that need less tumbling effect and free-flowing powder. These octagonal blenders have six corners in the product containers that support large batch production. The blender machine has a programmable logic controller that can be operated by a connected human-machine interface touch screen along with inline milling and loading with vacuum transfer systems if needed by the producer.

This blender has “A” type rigid construction with two ends that rest on the product container. Other added features from the safety perspective are the safety reeling with the limit switch, overload protection, and emergency stops that enhance machine reliability.   

V Blender

A V-blender as the name suggests has a “V” shaped container that performs the procedure of mixing. In this type of blending machine, the material gets accumulated at a single point before it undergoes every rotation. After this, the particles again split & recombine with escalated tumbling and frictional effect and are later on spread out. This repetition ensures the proper mixing of the materials and thus deliver better compositions of the components.

The V-shaped blenders also have two charging holes along with a mounted lid supportive for charging and cleaning of the machine. The electric control panels & fixed baffles are some of the enhancing factors that add to the construction’s performance.

Drum Mixer Blender

A drum mixer blender is the best for mixing different powders, granular particles, pellets, and other different solid materials. These drum blenders have no moving parts within the instrument that helps in avoiding the slumping of the particles and undergoing any kind of change in the composition of the final products. It is also known as barrel blender due to gallon drums connected to the machine, in which the enclosed mixing takes place and thereby prohibits any kind of contamination.

Control panels that control cycle timer, variable speed option, and large mixing capacity outstand this drum mixer among other blenders.   

Conta Blender, Container Tumbler Blender & IBC Bin Blender

The conta blender or bin blenders are known to be used majorly for powders of capsule & tablet production. Since these IBC bin blenders include closed containers they ensure product safety from any kind of contamination. The design of these conta blenders contributes to a proper blending of the materials efficiently.

The IBC bin blender rests in the position of 15 degrees and performs 3-dimensional actions during the mixing process. This container tumbler undergoes only a single step transfer procedure during the transfer of the material to the tablet press hopper and is completely dust-free. Limit switch on the entry door that ensures the prevention of any kind of accidental operation, overload relay protection, and emergency stop button are some of the safety features of this container tumbler blender.

Industrial Applications of Blenders

Apart from pharmaceutical industries, these blending technologies are also used in other industries such as nutraceuticals, pigments, chemical industry, food processing industry, pesticides, food industry, and many more such industries that include the blending processes.