Different Tableting Machines for Pharmaceutical Needs

A tablet press also referred to as a tablet pad, a pharmacy tablet press, a tablet compression converter or a tablet punching machine is a mechanical instrument that compresses pigments into tablets of a specific scale, form and weight roughly equal to the same volume of Active Pharmaceutical Component.

Why Need of Pharmaceutical Tablet Press?

Tablet presses are important instruments for the healthcare industry. The modern tablet press will enable the user to change the bottom and top punches to precisely regulate the weight, volume, and thickness of the tablets. This is done with the use of rollers, cams as well as another track.

Single- & Double-Layer Mini Tablet Press

The single-punch tablet press is operated by a generator or a hand and is used for pushing tablets of a range of granulated materials. Double-layer (or bi-layer) tablets have been used for several times now. It is also likely that the early usage of this dosage type was focused on a marketing viewpoint, with a focus on the understanding of the user who will be buying the drug.

A tablet with two mutually identical “layers,” defined by two subtly different shades, offer marketers with a means of making a commodity that seemed more appealing than a typical white “pill.”

Single Rotary Tablet Press – 16, 23 Station

Single/Double Sided Rotary Tablet Compression Machine

Single-Sided Rotary Tablet Press Machine is a current model machine used in the manufacturing of precise and efficient powder tablets in pharmacological and useful industry sectors.

Double-Sided Rotary Tablet Press is a tablet pressing tool used in the manufacture of easy and reliable tablets in the various drug industry as well as in other related industries. There are many different formats of tablet machines available, that are used for the increasing sales of tablets, however, the operating principle of the machine continues to remain the same.

Single-Sided Tablet Slugging (Bolus) Machine

Bolus Tablet Press Machine is used for the manufacture of easy and reliable powder tablets in the pharmacy and related industries.

Slugging Tablet Press 12 Station

D4 Single-Sided/ B4 Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press

D4 Single Sided Rotary Tablet Press used for the manufacturing of powder pills. This machine is designed to improve the sanitation of operation and availability.

B4 Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press is available in various ranges and series, with differing technological features,including  different number of stations, the form of tools equipped, and the number of tablets produced. which is used in the effective manufacturing of tablets in various pharmaceutical industries as well as in other related industries.

High-Speed Pill Press II & IV

High Speed Tablet Press II (Square cGMP) is among the big innovations in straining machine. It assures the most reliable and economic output of tablets owing to its sophisticated technology.

High-Speed Tablet Press IV is used for the manufacturing of simple and accurate powder pills in medical devices and useful industrial sectors, Higher production appropriate for high batch production, Higher tablet weight accuracy.

The tablet presses are also relatively easy to operate, with integrated services completely available but interlocked to ensure safety.

Different Tableting Machines for Pharmaceutical Needs