Different Types of Pharmaceutical Granulation Line and Their Market Demand in The USA

Granulation machine is a uniquely modified machine which provides a beneficial mechanism of integrated powder handling and processingused to produce granules and grains from either solid material or substances that can be powdered. The major factor about the granulation line is that the granulation machines can be designed as per system standards. The use of granulation is high in the USA. Industries like food, pharmaceutical, and other industries in America have adopted this technology as a part of the manufacturing process. The procedure of granulation is executed by using different machines. Therefore some of the suitable machines used in the granulation process with their respective features and market demand in the American states are as follows.  

Fluid Bed Coater And Dryer

This Fluid Bed Coater is a machine which is used to employ a coating to the granules and therefore the process is known as the coating. The spray coating is a mechanism in the fluid coating machine which allows the sprays to release an optimal surface coating on the material. A fluidized bed dryer is a machine used to deduct the moisture content of powder and granules. The fluid bed dryer runs on the principle of fluidization of the feed materials. In the fluidization process of the machine, the hot air is released at very high pressure passing through a perforated bed of moist solid particles.

Market Demand In The USA: The Fluid bed coaters and dryers are used in pharmaceutical industries of the USA because Chicago, Los Angeles and Seattle and other states of America are hubs for pharmaceutical industries where machines like fluid bed coater and dryers are highly required.

Fluid Bed Equipment - Granulation & Pellet Coater- Combo Model

V Blenders For Granulation

The V Blender machine is a blending technology utilized in order to lubricate the dry powders. As the two-third of the capacity of the blenders are filled in order to ensure that the proper mixing is being executed, which will allow V Blender to give the best outcome for powders. The machine has a V shape container which makes the blending procedure convenient. The major benefit of using the machine is that it executes the blending process in a shorter period of time, which is highly efficient for the industries. The device is built out of durable materials which is a good return on investment for manufacturing industries.

The demand for V Blender in America: The demand for V blender is high in Philadelphia, San Diego and New Jersey and other states of USA because mostly pharmaceutical industries and food industries require the need of blending before the final processing of the material (product).

"V" Shape Mixer Blender

Vibro Shifter

Vibro shifters also known as Vibro separators are circular shaped gyratory screens used to split the mass production of liquid from solid, and the device is also utilized for gradation of materials depending on their particle size. The Vibro shifter is consist of specifically designed vibratory motor and cycle electric supply along with adjustable eccentric weights which are at both top and bottom of the motor shafts mounted vertically exactly in the centre of the screening unit.

Market Analysis of Vibro Shifters: The major requirement for the Vibro separators falls in different states of America because the demand for production of drugs and food is high in the states like Boston and San Francisco. As the industries are booming in different states of the USA, the need for Vibro shifters and every pharmaceutical machine will increase.  All above are the various features and market analysis of different types of equipment used in the granulation process.

Vibro Sifter
Different Types of Pharmaceutical Granulation Line and Their Market Demand in The USA