Fluid bed Coater – Fluid Bed Processor with Top and Bottle Spraying & Drying

A fluidized bed is a physical effect that arises when an amount of solid particulate matter (usually found in a holding vessel) is put under sufficient circumstances to allow a solid/fluid mixture to act as a fluid. It is typically done by the injection of pressurized fluid into the particulate media.

What is Fluid Bed Coater

Spray coating in a fluidized bed method, provides an ideal surface layer for the commodity by the use of film material. As a consequence of this type of procedure, objects of various shapes and sizes are often pushed about in a fluidized bed coat and sprayed with this solvent at the very same time.

The container could be used as a protective layer to improve shelf life or system reliability and to expect particles to function – for example, by concealing odours as well as tastes, or by releasing different chemical ingredients.

What is Fluid Bed Coating?

The method of fluid bed granulation (also recognized as agglomeration) includes releasing the particles in the surrounding air and injecting the material from the top of the machine back onto the material bed (top-down spray). Particles throughout the spray path get a little warm and wet. The bottom spray coating & drying of all 03 variables in the same equipment reduces the noise of the machinery used in the procedure.

About Fluid Bed Equipment

The equipment operates based on the principle of fluidization of feed materials. During the flushing phase, hot air is pumped to a punctured layer of wet rigid particles with high pressure. Flow criteria are excluded from the lower portion and forbidden in the movement of air (fluid state).

Fluid Bed Coater includes drying, freezing, agglomeration, granulation, and coating of particulate matter.

Fluid Bed Equipment - Granulation & Pellet Coater- Combo Model

What is Wurster Coating?

Wurster coating, associated with fluid bed microencapsulation, tends to be the encapsulation of secret particles in a fluid bed by purposes of longitudinal air movement to establish a cyclic motion of the substance. Wurster coating technique may be extended to a broad variety of primary products across a large spectrum of object sizes and shapes. Studies proves a properly controlled wurster fluid bed coating technique can help to achieve a film coat of high standard and uniformity.

Fluid Bed Coater Wurster Coater, Pellet Coater

Usage of Fluid Bed Processor in Fluid Bed Process

Fluid bed coating techniques have been used in food manufacturing to granulate and/or coat solid particulate matter. These processes emerged in the 1950s and 1960s as a way of producing oral pharmaceutical goods, which involve the standard variants of Wurster (bottom spray), top spray, which tangential spray, as well as modifications of certain variants that have been described as specialized. Implementations accomplish several targets.

Spray based molecules are sprayed. Such techniques can all be implemented in a single, new, fluidized bed design. Customized to meet your needs. Fluid bed machines available in a wide variety of design elements and setups that are suitable for different applications in the pharmaceutical industry.

Fluid bed Coater - Fluid Bed Processor with Top and Bottle Spraying & Drying