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The manufacturing of Shree Bhagwati Fluid Bed includes the coating and drying of particulate matter by pallets and granules. It is perfect for heat sensitive and non-heat sensitive materials in Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Dietary supplements, Skincare, Chemical products, Biochemical, Food, Milk products, Confectionery, Agribusiness, Herbal blends, Ceramics, Cleaning products, and Medicines Institutes. 

Based on the application needed, Shree Bhagwati fluid bed Equipment can be set up into layouts as follows.

Fluid bed equipment for Granules Coating or Pellet Coating with Wurster Coater Bottom Spray

This procedure of pallet coating with wurster coater is used to apply a coating to the granules or pellets. The spray is fit inside a hollow cylinder, and the pellets are allowed to enter the hollow cylindrical tube from the bottom of this cylinder throughout small quantities. Then the particles travel through the bottom spray guns to move up the pipes in an orderly manner to avoid agglomeration. Once they are outside the wurster tank, they pass out of the container downwards where they can be supplied with another layer of coating. Since the movement of the particle or pellets within the fully controlled wurster chamber ensures uniformity.

Fluid Bed Equipment – Granulation & Coater- Combo Model

With the best designs and unmatchable quality, the combo model fluid bed granulation and coater fluid bed equipment are used to achieve proper drying, cooling, granulation and coating of materials to give output without loss in the content in the bulk-manufacturing units. The Fluid Bed system has a bed of solid particles that are fluidized through a specially designed perforated sheet passing a stream of air upwards. The upward air velocity is maintained in such a way that the solid particles are lifted slightly and set in motion. Such movement can be used to induce both mixing and forward motion of the particles of the solids. The air is warmed, and the hot air cycle and the solids dry evaporate the water. Fines are agglomerated into larger particles of granules, resulting in large


  • Design is cGMP-compliance with current good manufacturing practices.
  • All AISI 316 contact parts & AISI 304 non-contact parts.
  • High precision of mixing, fast batch time, problem-free washing and waste-free discharge.
  • Single piece design & integrated chamber retarding filter bag housing top granulation spraying unit.

safety features

  • Explosion flap ensures that when an explosion occurs inside caused by mixing air and dirt, there is no risk to the person operating the machine.
  • Blower stops when the air pressure falls below the specified value in the filter bag-locking gasket.

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