Get Different Types of Mixers for Solids – Dry and Wet.

Get Different Types of Mixers for Solids – Dry and Wet.

Chitra Mechtech is an expert manufacturer of different types of mixers for solids, both dry and wet. Being the mixing expert, the brand is quite acknowledged and experienced in understanding the blades, mixer configuration, speed, bowl shapes etc. that interact during the mixing process.

Mixers for Solids Dry and Wet

Also, at our manufacturing unit we design and engineer different types of mixers for solids, both dry and wet including the Continuous mixer blender system: simplex mixer, drum mixer blender, high shear mixer granulator, HSMG Rapid mixer granulator, mass mixer, Nauta mixer, cone screw mixer, paddle mixer blender, planetary powder mixer, ribbon mixer blender, sigma mixer and kneader mixer Z-blade.

What type of mixing equipment does your industry require?

Depending upon the need and requirement of your industry type, you have to purchase the solid mixing equipment. We shall discuss here the top solid mixing equipment of our brand.

Drum Mixer Blender: For your chemical and pharmaceutical industry, the drum mixers serve as the best choice. For the mixing of various powder substances, the drum mixer serves the right purpose. The secured hoop helps the material with easy loading. At Chitra Mechtech we help you get the best drum mixer blender.

Paddle Mixer Blender: The mixer uses the amazing technology of uniformly wet and dry mixing and blending. You can expect the perfect size and bulk densities of the particles without any powder, granular or short fibered segregation.

Mass Mixer: Our mass mixers are the perfect mixing equipment for uniformly mixing of the dry and wet material. It is one of the suitable mixing equipment for the chemical, food, herbal, agrochemicals and pharmaceutical company.

Planetary Powder Mixer: An ideal mixer equipment designed by our experts for the sole purpose of uniformly mixing dry and wet powder materials. The equipment uses homogenous mixing action, including both the semisolid and emulsions.

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Henceforth, for buying the high-quality and cost-effective mixer for solids both dry and wet, you can log on to our official website. Apart from the above mixing equipment, we are also a leading manufacturer and supplier of laboratory and pilot-scale equipment, fluid bed equipment and tablet allied machinery in India.