High Demand of Automatic Tablet Coating Machine in Europe and Africa

For this article, it is important to know that, what a tablet coating machine is. It is a machine, which is equipped to coat the external surface of tablets by using a thin film-like coating material. Usually, this kind of coating helps the tablets by giving a smooth and solid surface. As well as it works as a chemical and physical protector by helping it to be masked. The proper coating is very much air regulation friendly and it provides exact drying with proper extraction rate.

On a moving bed of tablet, the coating is done by thin film or coating materials. Then those solvents are rapidly removed by the application of hot airflow. A closed drum, which continuously rotates by following an orbital manner, the tablets to be coated are placed in there. In addition, there is a streamlined plate, which influences the drum under itself. For avoiding the excess coating on tablets, the coating material is spread automatically by following a rational manner, during rotation of the drum. During the spraying, hot air is initiated from the fifty percent of crannied tablet bed for which rapid drying occurs.

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Now again the thing is what is the meaning of an automatic tablet coating machine? This is an equipment, which is designed for creating a uniformly coated tablet with an organic solvent. Food and pharmaceutical industries usually use this kind of machine. While it comes to get the operations from the Automatic Tablet Coating Machine, the performance level, as well as the efficiency, gets higher. In the case of this automatic tablet coating machine, timers and microprocessors are used for systematic processing. This kind of coating helps to protect the drug from the gastric environment, or other external influences like bacteria, dampness, etc. the coating is done by film type coating material with a polymer solution, contained with pigment.

Tablet coating machines are often called film coating machine, as a film type material is used. These kinds of films have a thickness range from twenty to one hundred micrometers. Tablet coating is an old pharmaceutical procedure, which still exists. As well as there are lots of different types of coating like – sugar-coated, film-coated, gelatine coated, etc. the polymer-based film coating process is very much well known.

Automatic Tablet Coater
Automatic Tablet Coater

There are many companies, dealing with pharmaceutical products, are interested in research and development of the automatic tablet coating machine, and selling too. The basic key features of those machines are high-level operational fluency, sturdy construction, corrosion resistance, easy installation, and consume less power. This kind of developer company tries to export the machines mainly to Africa, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Australia, America, etc. As their demand is very much high for these areas. Basically, differences come from depending upon the type of coating. Some of the European countries have demand for sugar and film coating machines, and some others have the demand for press coating or other types of coating machines. Some of the Indian companies are also export machines to those countries with a compatible package like those that have some extra features on designing and handling. As a result, those machines do maximum drying using minimum time and are easily maintaining.

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