Highly Demanded Wurster Coating Machine, Fluid Bed Coating Machine, Fluidized Bed Coater

Wurster Coating machine- This single equipment production process is one of the best pelletization techniques. Most of the fluid techniques are known for high rates of heat and transfer techniques. Core penetration for even highly soluble material is possible with this water-based technique. Diverting the particles around the nozzle which releases the spray allows a faster frequency of the spray to be distributed or coated and also lowers the processing time. This machine is aimed to develop such an innovation that develops sustained-release formulations and to scale up the traditional or conventional method of coating particles. It is useful for the following processes or where such process is required:-

  • Controlled release coatings
  • A fine coating of particles
  • Aqua or solvent-based solutions
  • Active layering

Wurster Fluid bed Coating machine – To simplify the meaning of Wurster coating, it is the encapsulation of discrete particles in a fluidized bed using differential airflow to create a cyclic movement of material. There is a nozzle at the bottom of the fluidized bed from which the differential air flows up and coats it with an atomized material to form a core strong structure. This process involves the coating of individual particles till the desired number of layers are formed on the core shell-like structure. Scientific research proves that this liquid coating can provide the finest of coatings and with uniformity which reduces the need for a lot of coats and also reduces cost. The best part of this fluid bed coating process is that it can coat the tiniest of crystals or capsules. This perfection is very useful in the manufacturing process creating optimal and high quality for an end to end-users.

Fluid Bed Coater Wurster Coater, Pellet Coater

After the Wurster coating is done, they move out to a compartment where another layer of coating can be applied. The input is processed in a manner to avoid agglomeration. The advantages of using this machine are:

  • It ensures high mixing precision, shorter batch times, easy cleaning, and no residue in the form of discharge.
  • Different batch size capacity as per the model desired
  • Granulation system and technique using PLC control and MMI touch screens
  • High peristaltic pressure pump for accurate flow
  • It is a single-piece device with easy to detach and clean parts
  • Explosion flap to prevent any damage

This Fluidised bed coater allows the spray coating on small particles and the product property or requirement can be enhanced depending on the suitability and need. This encapsulating acts like a protective layer and is very helpful in increasing the shelf life of any product that is coated. The durability increase helps in the product being supplied globally without the fear of being altered. Another wonderful use of wurster coater is that some products may release odours or release certain chemicals on being exposed. This coating helps in curbing that and acts as a major protection substance.

This Fluid bed coater has universal applications and for expanding production capacity in many industries. In an industry where drug delivery plays a major role the era of advancement in such a field is very appreciable. These methods have gained much popularity due to their unique benefits, enhanced drug benefits, and uniform packing, and standardized products. The Wurster fluidization is named after its inventor Mr. Dale. E Wurster Ph.D. (1976) had immense knowledge of the formulation process. This process is sure to guarantee cost optimization, efficient manufacturing processes, and utmost satisfaction to its clients. This modified and homogenous system not only provides homogeneity to the product but also a boon to mankind in disguise.