How To Select A Ribbon Blender And Mixers Machine?

Shree Bhagwati Machtech is NO 1 in Pharmaceutical makes Ribbon Blender comprises of a U-shaped parallel trough and a particularly intended Double Helical Ribbon Agitator gyratory within. Ribbon type mixer is based on an established agitator production that provides a triple addition action ensure rapid, well-organized amalgamation. The dimensions and arrangement of the ribbons are cautiously impartial to make available a progress of material inside the container that avoids dead spots and gives quick product release.

An exchange intends is the paddle agitator. The paddles are located to progress the material in contrasting lateral instructions in addition to radically. The paddle intend is usually working where friable materials are individual blended, and when batches as minute as 15% of the whole ability are available to be mixed in the mixer.

Design Highlights:

  • The external ribbon displaces the material starting the ends to the centre at the same time as the internal ribbon moves the material from the centre to the ends. This counter-current action results in homogenous amalgamation.
  • The ribbon mixer rotates at approximately 70 – 100 meters per minute and move about the substance both radically and imaginatively to make sure detailed blends in small cycle period.


  • As the agitator rotate, the substance is tumble and accepted radically approximately the within of the mixer.
  • The pitch of the external ribbon mixing blades moves the substance toward the exonerate chance.
  • The internal ribbon mixer which has an opposite pitch move the substance away from the exonerate gap


  • Obtainable in functioning ability of 5 litres – 25,000 litres
  • Obtainable in each and every one grades of SS, carbon steel and unique alloy steels.
  • Ribbon agitator for centre exonerates.
  • Intended for atmospheric function.
  • Top cover depending on the extent of the mixer.
  • Centrally positioned flush base release valve.
  • Filling boxes with effortlessly disassembled housing. Clean Teflon gland pack provides.
  • SS surfaces are refined to required standard. All external non-stainless surfaces are tinted with enamel paint.
  • Collector Cage, Three Phase Induction Motors appropriate for 415 Volts, 50 Hz.
  • Worm diminution Gearbox.
  • Solitary Speed Drive.
  • Ribbon Mixer is mounted on supports as long as sufficient exonerate permission.

    • Wear opposed to liner plates for rude products.
    • Ribbon agitator for multiple release positions.
    • Physically or pneumatically operate Diaphragm Valve, Slide Gate Valve, and Butterfly Valve etc for release.
    • Split intends Mechanical Seals, filling boxes, Air-purging stuffing boxes.
    • This mechanism is intended by Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) models.
    • Explosion-proof motors, changeable haste drives the length of with Electrical Control Panel.
    • Spraying arrangement for liquid inoculation.
    • Chunk breakers for solids or agglomerates size diminution.
    • Vacuum and pressure manufacture.
    • Jacketed can available for heating and cooling.
    • Scrutiny, maintenance windows on the container, cover.
    • Cover opening, Nozzles as necessary.
    • We can customize the machine as per the customer requirement.


    The list of food material such as flavourings, gelatine, seasonings, cosmetic powder Infant formula, cocoa mix, cake mixes etc in which our mixer can speed up combine period and supply dependable consistency goes on and on. All models can be outfit with maintenance nozzles to aid in lot change. An assortment of feed and release engagements are probable to modify to your desires.

    The action inside ribbon blender is energetic sufficient to homogenously dispense fluid slurries. Particular high speed intensifiers are able to be additional to the base to assist split lump that might be in attendance. Suitable shaft seal intend is significant for management liquid. Shaft seal choices take in automatic, stuffing glands and twice automatically.


    Model Total Capacity Working Capacity
    Litres Litres
    SBM-5 8 3-5
    SBM-10 15 7-10
    SBM-25 40 20-25
    SBM-50 75 25-50
    SBM-100 150 70-100
    SBM-150 225 110-150
    SBM-200 300 150-200
    SBM-300 450 225-300
    SBM-400 600 300-400
    SBM-500 800 400-500
    SBM-750 1100 500-750
    SBM-1000 1500 700-1000
    SBM-1250 1900 950-1250
    SBM-1500 2250 1100-1500