In a cavity, Blister packaging machines seal products, generally with paper, plastics, aluminium, or film seal. These blister packs can be used for almost any item, but they are conventional packets for small consumer products, food and pharmaceutical products. Steep-speed Tropical Aluminum Blister Packing Machine brings DPH-270D-based tropical aluminium forming and packing method. It is to enhance the sealing, moisture-proof, and light avoidance method to increase the item’s quality. It is ideal for packaging in pharmaceutical, healthcare industries of all types of products. 


  1. Forming, combustion sealing, packet marking, notion, and slicing are for exact and comfortable fixed position. It is fitted with a ruler for the simple orientation of correction and precision.
  2. Mechanical hand traction: it adopts double rod of swing device, which can increase the stroke travel range. It broadly is suitable for all sorts of size packaging of the blister. Plate heating, favourable forming, top and bottom wall panels, heating sealing, automatic feeding, automatic printing and automated cutting are safe and reliable operation. 
  3. It has Constructive stress forming and mechanical hit for homogeneity and perfect blister forming. It is relevant for packaging larger size or unique-shaped honey pill, big syrup pills, etc. It is fitted with a distinctive auto skimmer for gel cream, needles, and infusion syringe packaging. It is a unit with a wide range of packaging applications.
  4. The primary crankshaft embraces lateral axis bevel gear stabilizer, creating, and heat sealing that mould pill adopts for position setting and more comfortable packaging material.
  5. The body of the machine can be generated underneath the split manufacturing for a more straightforward move into the operating room.

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Liquid Mixing Plant is a one-stop destination for buying the high quality of Blister Packaging Machines. Here, you can discover a wide range of Blister Packaging Machines. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of Blister Packaging Machine, we are devoted to quality. 

Our entire spectrum of packing machines is produced using refined techniques by our skilled human resources. The machine is made of premium parts and state-of-the-art innovations following industry quality standards. To ensure its functionality, under the guidance of our quality controllers, we test this Blister Packing Machine on different parameters.

Available in diverse models, Blister Packing Machine is fit for blister type aluminium-plastic and paper-plastic sealed packing of the capsule, pill, syringe, and bubble gum. Also, the machine that we offer is extensively used in many industries, such as food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical, and cosmetics.