Pellet Extrusion Spheronization, a promising pelletization technique

Pellet Extrusion Spheronization, a promising pelletization technique

The production process of pellet includes extrusion, granulation, spheronization, drying, mining, etc. Out of all the techniques, the pellet extrusion spheronization is considered as a promising and innovative pelletization technique. Let us understand why by moving in the detailed discussion of the same.

Pellets are manufactured using the extrusion and spheronization since a long time. Industries have been using this old technique till date for manufacturing pellets through agglomeration.

Pellet extrusion spheronization process includes:

  • Powder mixture moistening
  • Extrusion and agglomeration
  • Spheronization method for rounding the pellets
  • Drying the pellets (finished product)

Source: GLATT

Benefits of utilizing Pellet Extrusion Spheronization

1: It utilizes the high loading capacity for producing small-sized spheroids

2: The Spheroids that are produced using pellet extrusion spheronization are uniform in size. It has a narrow size distribution and unusual flow characteristics.

3: As the process produces uniform spheroids, a successful coating is applied.

4: Spheronization results in blending and formulation in single unit dosage for pellets that are composed of different drugs.

5: It helps with free distribution and offers flawless flexibility.

6: The active ingredients are more safe and efficient with spheronization technique.

7: The bioavailability of the drugs is enhanced with spheronization process.

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