Planetary Mixer: Let me mix for you

Planetary Mixers are of great use these days. We find at least one planetary mixer in almost every pastry and bakery shop. The reason behind the success of this blender is its versatility. Often, bakers and chefs will use the planetary mixer for mixing or creaming products.

Its key feature is the exchangeable utensils like a dough hook, mixing paddle and whisk, allowing the user to mix and bake a wide variety of products. A removable pot makes it easier for the user to take out the dough easily and quickly. Moreover, its variable speed enables the user to mix different levels of mixtures. This includes pastry dough, muffins, biscuit dough or cake mixture. Mixtures such as icing, cake-cream, whipped cream, and mousse are usually used to oxygenate the whip accessory. Lastly, the dough hook attachment is conventionally used in pizza corners and small bakehouses.

Advantages of Planetary Mixer

Following are the benefits of planetary mixer

1. Quality product with better manufacturing.
2. Minimal physical efforts
3. The planetary mixer produces less noise and vibrations when compared with
other bakery mixers.
4. Easy to operate and clean.
5. As Shree Bhagwati Machtech produces all its equipment and machines using only the best quality products, the planetary mixers are safe and hygienic to use.

Final Words

Within the cooking and baking industry, mixers are viewed as everyday essentials. While there are many types of blenders in the market, planetary and spiral mixers are the most common among all others. While evaluating which option is best for your business, be sure to check the product's working, capabilities, and production volume. A planetary mixer offers the most versatility, and hence, it may be the best option for your specific product. A spiral mixer, on the other side, will possibly be the correct choice if your industry focuses predominantly on bread manufacturing.

Why Us?

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