Prepare quality medicines and tablets using high-end wet granulation machines

Industries that prepares medicines and tablets need to be very advanced these days. All the pharmaceutical brands today are competing with each other in terms of medicine formula, equipment used for preparing medicines and technology involved. We are proud to share that 

Shree Bhagwati Machtech is an ideal and leading wet granulation machine manufacturing company across India that provides high-quality machines such as shape mixer blender, milling and size reduction communicating mill, milling and size reduction cone mill, oscillating granular, turbo sifter, vibro sifter and many more.

Let’s talk about the widely used Wet granulation machines

The V Shape mixer blender is a widely used product in the pharmacy industries these days. It is used for mixing, lubricating and blending the tablet or medicines. The machine is also widely used in cosmetic, chemical, pesticide and plastic industries. 

The Fluid bed dryer is also one of the leading machines used in the pharmacy as well as other industries such as cosmetic, plastic, chemical, etc. for quick drying and cooling of particular materials used in the manufacturing process. 

The Fluid bed equipment – granulation & pellet coater is a combo deal from us that helps your industry with various benefits. The machine can be used for drying or cooling the heat sensitive medicines, thereby maintaining its quality and texture. Moreover, the machine reduces the moisture level, and such kinds of machines are best for the chemical, pharmacy, diary and agrochemical industries. 

Our expertise in Semi-Solid Cream Paste Gel Processing 

Our USP for manufacturing these machines is because of the technology we have foreseen and understood before applying them to our machines. The planetary mixer is one of our best selling equipment that combines the planetary motion and homogenization, mixing of materials and dispersion. 

Also, for the easy and quick semi-solid cream paste gel processing in the pharmacy, toothpaste, pigment paste and other areas, we have designed an automatic ointment machine. It takes care of the process automatically and independently. 

We produce different types of machines and equipment that are highly advantageous for the pharmaceutical, chemical, agrochemical, food, and plastic industries. You can take a tour of our latest products categories by logging on to

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