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Fluid Bed Dryer and Tray Dryer

Fluid Bed Dryer and Tray Dryer , Hot Air over machine , Processing involves quick drying & cooling , agglomeration of powder and granules particulate materials. It is ideal for heat sensitive and non heat sensitive products in Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals and Biochemical, Food and Dairy Industries fluid bed dryer and tray dryer machine with Batch Capacity Kg.30, 60, 120 ,200, 250, 300, 500 kg Fluid Bed Granulation, FBD , Fluidized bed drying is the optimal method for controlled, gentle and even drying of wet solids. The intensive heat/mass exchange of the fluidized bed product.

Our dryer solid machines supply below models..

Fluid bed Dryer / Granulation for Chemical Batch Capacity Kg.30, 60, 120 ,200, 250, 300, 500 kg
Fluid bed Dryer / Granulation for Pharmaceutical Batch Capacity Kg.30, 60, 120 ,200, 250, 300, 500 kg
Food Fluid bed Dryer with Batch Capacity Kg.30, 60, 120 ,200, 250, 300, 500 kg
Dairy Fluid Bed Dryer Batch Capacity Kg.30, 60, 120 ,200, 250, 300, 500 kg
Metallurgical Dryer Batch Capacity Kg.30, 60, 120 ,200, 250, 300, 500 kg
Dyes Tray dryer and fluid bed dryer Batch Capacity Kg.30, 60, 120 ,200, 250, 300, 500 kg

Fluidized bed dryers are used in drying of various materials such as powders, tablets, granules, coals, fertilizers, plastic materials.
Ventilation SystemFluidized bed system typeAir Discharge Systems1aàFan2aàCooler3aàCyclone1bàFan + Heat exchanger (indirect heating)2bàDryer3bàCyclone + Washer1c / dàFan + direct burning (gas / oil)2càDryer + Cooling3càcyclone + filter1eàFan + indirect burner (gas / oil)2dàexhausting Rotary Dryer + Cooling +
FOLLOWING PRODUCTS CAN BE DRIED AT FLUID BED DRYERS – Fluidized bed dryer design custom-made in details based on your fluid bed dryers process, fluidized bed dryers applications.
Bleaching MaterialsWall CoveringChemical precipitatesPotassium ChlorideAsbestosGypsumChemicalsPotassium Salt FuluorDrying Concrete BrickDry Bread Crumbs of bread crumbsLimestone dryingPotassium hydrateSix Layer Shell PineMunicipal WasteCokePotassium ChloridePine SawdustFerriteCopolymersNiterBentonite DryingFertilizer,Coal DryingPotassium SulphateDyes and pigmentsFeSO4.4H2OChromic AcidEthylene PropyleneGrains acrylicDrying HazelnutsXylose (wood sugar)ProteinGypsumFiberSand DryingProtein ExtractsAlKSO4.12H2OSprouted BarleyQuartzProtein PowdersAluminium Oxide, SaltFructoseGlobal PolymersPUFAAmmoniumGdlLactose GranulesPVBAmmonium SulfateTransition metal carbonatesLeonarditePVC DryingCopper SlagRecycling ProductsFiber production directionDiced potatoesCopper Sulfate (Hydrate)Food AdditivesMagnesiumShredded RootsCopper Sulphate,Preservatives in FoodMagnesium SulfateSucroseDrying fishGraniteMagnesium HydrateSalicylic AcidFish FoodGranulesMarble PowderCelluloseBarium mealManure DryingMetal HydroxidesCeramicBicarbonateCarrot DryingMetal OxideSilica GelWhitening MaterialsAnimal Cut WasteMetal PowdersCitric acidBiscuit FlourHerbicideMetal SaltsSodium Alginate (Alginate)Plant and Animal EssencesHydratesLicoriceSodium AcetateHerbal ExtractsHydrophobic PolymersMgCl2.2H2OSodium SulfateBotanical productsCoconut PollenMgSO4.4H2OSoybean DryingPaintsCannabisMnSO4.4H2OChipboard (Chip Board)PesticidesCerealsNa2SO4Milk sugarBromideFine Shredded PotatoesNaClDry Milk PowderDrying of Wheat FlourIon Exchange ResinsPeel of citrus fruit andSugarButyl RubberGelatineNH 4 ClTabletsButyl RubberPaper, PackagingSO4 NH4Dehumidifier in grainsCMC (CMC) DryingCoffeeDrying of starchSeed DryingCuSO4.H2OCalcium CarbonateWoodSpice Powder and GranulesGravelChloride of limeHerbs and SpicesPeat PerliteTea DryingCalcium ChlorideCottonDrying SaltFlowers (pollen Hexanol)Calcium LactatePaprika (Red Pepper)TobaccoCement MixturesBlood DryingPotato ResidueFlourChina ClayCarboxyl Methyl CelluloseMelba toastVanadium OxideGarbage, waste, pulp, etc.CatalystsPectin PowderVitamin AGrape sugarRubber CompoundsCheese dryingVitamin CIron SlagRubber GranulesPigmentsArtificial ProteinFerrous Sulfate, HydrateRock SaltRice DryingJerusalem artichokeSeaweedMove the sliderPlastic GrainsPeanutsDetergentsKClPolyethylene PowderWoolStool, dirt, sedimentKCl/NaCl/K2SO4polypropyleneZn Pb (Lead Zinc)Deacon, acrylicFlax FiberPolypropylene PowderZnSO4.4H2ODiatomiteKGAPolypropyleneZnSO4.4H2ONatural HerbsRed BrickOrange peelTile Drying

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