Liquid Syrup Manufacturing Plant

Liquid Oral Manufacturing Plant for Syrups & Suspensions Mixing and manufacturing Processing, as per the customer’s requirements to meet WHO, USFDA and MHRA norm.



  • Cough Syrups Manufacturing Plant
  • Oral Drops Manufacturing Plant
  • Expectorants Manufacturing Plant
  • Antacid Suspensions Manufacturing Plant
  • Infusion Solution Manufacturing Plant
  • Electrolytes Manufacturing Plant
  • De-aeration Manufacturing Plant


Liquid Syrup Processing Machine , Liquid Oral Manufacturing Plant for Syrups & Suspensions Applications

The numerous types of liquid syrup machines that we offer are required as well as demanded at several types of industries. Some of the industries like the oral processing plant use different types of liquid processing machine in order to manufacture several liquid syrups such as drop solutions and cough syrups along with many more medicines that have to be manufactured in the form of liquid. Our liquid syrup machine processing machine is also used to make some edible kinds of syrups used in food processing industries. The liquid syrup equipment that we offer also plays a vital role in some of the industries like pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals industries as some of the items manufactured in those industries are produced in liquid form.


Automation System is designed as per norm CGMP, 21 CFR Part 11 complaints (Optional)


  • LVP Process Plants
  • API Plant Equipment
  • Liquid Oral Process Plant

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