CIP-WIP System

Clean in Place (CIP) or Wash in Place (WIP) systems are designed to effectively clean the equipment easily by making the use of liquid detergent, hot water, and caustic solution.


CIP/ WIP system is useful for cleaning and washing at place of Vessel, Tank, Bin, Fluid Bed Equipment, High shear Mixer, Blender, Auto Coater and IBC Bin.

We manufacture two type of CIP/ WIP system.

1. Trolley Mounted CIP system with controls.
2. Second is complete closed CIP/WIP system for Bin washing.

Trolley mounted CIP system have inlet connection with pneumatic operated valve for Plain water, Hot water, Detergent and D.M.Water with pressurized pump, which are connected with spraying ball with supply pipe on the machine. The complete CIP/WIP system is operated by PLC controls system with touch screen HMI. PLC controls system is working as per set time for washing cycle of the inlet & outlet as per requirements.

Trolley mounted complete CIP/WIP system is consist of High pressure pump, Inlet Connection pneumatic valve , Outlet connection with pneumatic Valve, Pneumatic control panel, Electric controls panel with PLC & HMI Touch screen.

CIP/WIP system can be supply with liquid detergent tank, Hot water generator etc. as per customer requirements.

SALIENT FEATURES of Trolley Mounted Clean in Place System

  • Design is cGMP – Current Good Manufacturing Practices compliance.
  • All contact parts AISI 316 /316L & non contact parts AISI 304.
  • CIP (Cleaning-In-Place) is a system designed for automatic cleaning by Plain water, Hot Water, detergent, D.M.Water and rinse solutions without major disassembly and assembly work.
  • Mobile type CIP/WIP system so can be wash HSMG, FBD, Vessels, Tank, Auto coater & Bin etc.
  • Capacity is designed to accordingly as per customer requirement.
  • The Clean-In-Place Systems can be provide reservoirs for detergent and rinse solutions as well as pumping and heating capabilities for the solutions.
  • The washing process consists of several cycles in which rinsing material is recycled through the vessels, pumps, valves and other process equipment in the flow system.
  • The cleaning can be carried out with automated or manual systems is a reliable process that meets the stringent hygiene regulations demanded by the food, dairy, beverage, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries etc.
  • All the operation processes take place in sealed pipe line, which is easy to operate saving work and meets high sanitary requirement.
  • It has advantages as energy-saving, high work efficiency, perfect cleaning effect, operator safety and easy to operate and maintain.