The Disintegrator or the disintegrating machine are majorly used in the operation where high speed is required to cut, grind, mill and pulverize the particle that is hard, for an instance, in the dry leaf and stem size reduction operation.
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Know About the Applications & Procedure Operation of Disintegrator

The disintegrating milling machine (for partition/cutting of dry leaf & stem) is designed for high speed milling, cutting, grinding and pulverizing of hard particles, herbal, dry and wet material milling and especially suitable for herbal products.

The product is poured to centre of the blade from the top through in feed hopper and material centrifugal on the rotor blades beater assembly for milling or pulverization. Due to the slotted shearing edges mounted on rotor, the downsizing of particle takes place and through sieve material gets pushed outward from the bottom opening. The disintegrating milling machine is designed and fabricated for tacking heavy load without vibration on high speed there for any type of herbal hard material can be milled on the disintegrator.


Impressive Exclusive Features of Disintegrating Milling Machine

  • Design is cGMP – Current Good Manufacturing Practices compliance.
  • All contact parts AISI 316 & non contact parts AISI 304.
  • High Speed milling on 4500 RPM.
  • Output of the machine 200 to 800 Kg / Hour.
  • The chamber is completely fabricated from 10 mm thick Stainless Steel.
  • Half round toothed plate fitted in side the chamber for more high shearing edges.
  • Dynamic balanced beater assembly bearings are in a separate pillow block at outside chamber.
  • Wide range of sieve of perforated.