Double Cone Blender

Having two long corners at both the end gives better tumbling and mixing of dry powders in the pharmaceutical or other industry. Double Cone Blender is used when the free-flowing powders are required to attain homogeneity in 5 to 15 minutes of a time interval.


What are the Applications and Complete Process of Double Cone Blender?

Blenders are the industrial equipment utilized in order to mix, lubricate & blend processes in industries like Nutraceutical, Food, Pharmaceutical Chemical, pesticide, plastics, cosmetics, ceramics, & various other industries where these kinds of processes are required.
The Dual shaped blender present in the machine has 2 long corners in the product container which is used for both rubbing & tumbler effects on the material in order to process out the fast & homogeneous type of mixing. This blender can execute various tasks such as homogenous dry mixing for numerous components like powders with free-flowing, granules that require less shearing force, along with the mixing & blending of different particles with the help of rapid interblending of two or more than two bits irrespective of their fluctuating gravities. First, the bits that are present in the machine are directly shifted in the dual cone blending drum. The role of this dual blender is to tumble the present material inside the container & spread it out. This mixing process can be achieved in a specific period of around 5 to a count of 15 min by producing a better rate of homogeneity between the substances.

A double cone blender is an excellent pharmaceutical equipment that has two ends lengthened to enhance the mixing and tumbling of dry powder in the industry. This double cone blender is used to obtain uniformity during the processing of the components at a better speed. This double cone blending machine observes standard CGMP directives, hence is suitable for ideal granular as well as homogenized mixing of different clusters into a single volume at a rapid pace.

Features like an electric control panel, fixed baffles that help in lump breaking, product container that has a butterfly valve & manhole along with discharge enhance the processing of the cone blender. The PLC controls with HMI Controls ensure the operator feasibility while safety reeling with the limit switch, overload protection & emergency stop improvise the safety factors.

Design of Double Cone Blender

In our double cone blender machine, the blenders are used for mixing up the dry powders/granules. These blenders of our cone blender are built from durable metals like stainless steel. On the other hand, the welding process is executed with the help of Argon Arc. In fact, this argon arc present in our cone blender machine is a complete polished type mirror from the inside as well as outside. The unit system mounted on our double cone mixer is made out of either Mild Steel or Stainless Steel. This unit system is implemented with the ball bearings already present in the equipment.


The Innovative Features that Dual Shaped Blender is capable of

  • The design of the blender is cGMP which means (Current Good Manufacturing Practices compliance).
  • Every product of the machine is either contact parts with AISI 316 or non-contact parts with AISI 304.
  • The dual cone-shaped material container is an ideal choice for dry mixing and lubrication of small granule particles & also for making a homogenization mixture of numerous batches into an individual batch.
  • The available range model of the octagonal blender can hold weight from 25 to a count of 2500 kg according to the batch size.
  • The machine encloses the rigid driving with the help of reduction in the gearbox & motor too.
  • There is an “A” type of rigid structure in the blending equipment & 2 of its sides halting the material container.
  • The material container has a discharge component along with the butterfly valve & a manhole.
  • The charging hole is attached to a hinged lid that has a seal in order to charge & clean material.
  • The blender material container rotates at a specific speed of 8 RPM.
  • The Safety reeling in the machine provides a rotating area to the container of the product.
  • Blender’s fixed baffles afford the ability of lumps braking.
  • The electric control panel in the machine is fed with a cycle Time


Supplementary Features that are Opt with a Dual Cone Mixing Blender

  • The Charging Prospect:
  1. The Loading and Unloading is done with the help of the product container and the Jacking trolley.
  2.  Blenders come with a vacuum conveyor system option.
  3. The bin loading system is also present in the machine by the hydraulic hoist.
  • The additional option of the rotary intensifier is available with an AC variable driver.
  • The AC frequency numerical driver is another option that is convenient with the product containers.
  • PLC Controls along with the HMI screen touching system,
  • Blenders with a flameproof motor & a push-button transmitter.
  • There are inline milling & loading system that is available with the vacuum transferring system.


What kind of safety parameters are taken care of in the blender Machine?

  • The safety reel is present along with the limit switch.
  • An overload protection in the machine & an emergency halt.


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