Double Rotary Tablet Press – No. Of Station 27, 35, 45

Double Rotary Tablet Press – No. Of Station 27, 35, 45

Tablets can be easily produced from powders in a more precise and error-free manner when they are performed using the Double Rotary Tablet Press which are manufactured by Shree Bhagwati Machtech (India) Pvt. Ltd.

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Double Rotary Tablet Press APPLICATION & PROCESS

Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press Machine is standard and used for production of simple and precise tablets from powder in Pharmaceutical, Ceramics, Herbals and relevant Industries.

Double sided rotary tableting machine with painted round body and suitable for medium batch size. This is double side rotary tableting standard model with rigid design, precise and simple tablet compression machine. The machine model machine is designed to enable to maximum cleanliness in operation and accessibility, thus offering tremendous easy to operate, clean and maintenance. The machineTablet press is offered in different three model Viz. Tooling “D”, “B” & “B” Tooling.

SALIENT FEATURES of Double Sided Rotary Tableting Machine

  • Standard model.
  • All contact parts AISI 304/316.
  • Simple & Convenient Operation, Changeover, Cleanliness, Operator Protection.
  • Suitable for medium batch production.
  • Robust with high quality engineering with round shape body structure.
  • Turret made from S.G. Iron steel casting.
  • Variable speed pulley to adjust desired speed.
  • Overload pressure release mechanism.
  • Central lubrication system with head pump.
  • Rigid feed frame.
  • Ease to Maintenance.

Double Rotary Tablet Press OPTIONAL FEATURES

  • 3 pc Turret with M.S./ S.S. Depot.
  • AC Frequency Drive variable speed drive.
  • Two layer tablet attachment.

SAFETY FEATURES of Double Sided Rotary Tableting Machine

  • Overload protection.


Bhagwati -D 27
Bhagwati -35
Bhagwati -45
No. of Station
Type of Tooling
46,000 to 96,000
63,000 to 120,000
81,000 to 160,000
Max. Operating pressure
10 Tons
6.5 Tons
6.5 Tons
Max. Tablet Diameter
25 mm
16 mm
11 mm
Max depth of fill
19 mm
17.5 mm
17.5 mm
Main Electric Motor
5 HP / 3.7 kW
3 HP / 2.25 kW
3 HP / 2.25 kW

Double Sided Rotary Tableting Machine VIDEO