Drum Mixer Blender (Barrel Blender, Powder Mixing & Blending Equipment)

Drum Mixer Blender (Barrel Blender, Powder Mixing & Blending Equipment)

Also known as barrel blender, these Drum Mixer Blenders perform well in the chemical or the pharmaceutical industry as it gives a helping hand to easily mix the powder with uniformity and unload the same in barrels.
Drum/Barrel Mixer Blenders are easy to operate
Available in different sizes, as per requirement
Operated by electric or pneumatic motors with enhanced and easy to use features.


What is the Process Performed by Barrel Blenders & Its Application?

Drum/ Barrel mixer is staple machinery used in pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Drum mixers are highly efficient mixing equipment used for mixing of powders. This powder mixing equipment has gallon drums which rotate in order to mix powder. The mixing process involves loading the material into the drum, which is secured in a hoop and rotated thereafter.

This equipment is very useful for mixing of ingredients or raw materials to be dispatched in barrels. Unlike other mixers, this mixer does not have any internal moving parts like blades or impellers; so the mixer avoids deterioration of material from friction-induced heating, since the drum has no dead space, so the material is uniformly blended. The drum mixers are powered by pneumatic or electric motors and available in various sizes. These mixers are configured in such a manner so that proper mixing and quality control of the end product is attained.

A drum mixer blender is the best for mixing different powders, granular particles, pellets, and other different solid materials. These drum blenders have no moving parts within the instrument that helps in avoiding the slumping of the particles and undergoing any kind of change in the composition of the final products. It is also known as barrel blender due to gallon drums connected to the machine, in which the enclosed mixing takes place and thereby prohibits any kind of contamination.

Control panels that control cycle timer, variable speed option, and large mixing capacity outstand this drum mixer among other blenders.   


Which Features Should be Present in Barrel Mixers?

  • Design is cGMP – Current Good Manufacturing Practices compliance.
  • All contact parts AISI 316 & non contact parts AISI 304.
  • Available Capacity: 100 kg and 200 kg.
  • This is a closed and contained system for blending and store.
  • Main advantage of this system is that it is totally dust free.
  • Controls panel with Cycle timer.
  • Option for Variable speed.