Fluid Bed Equipment – Granulation & Coater- Combo Model

Fluid Bed Equipment – Granulation & Coater- Combo Model

With the best designs and unmatchable quality, the combo model fluid bed granulation and coater fluid bed equipment are used to achieve proper drying, cooling, granulation and coating of materials to give output without loss in the material in the bulk manufacturing units.


Detailed Description About Application & Process of Fluid Bed Equipment

Bhagwati Mechtech’s Fluid Bed Processing engages processes of granulation, cooling, agglomeration, coating anddrying of granular materials. This product is more preferable for heat sensitive as well non-heat sensitive products of Herbals, Confectionary, Food Industry, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetic, Detergents, Dairy, Biotech, Biochemical, Ceramics, Chemicals, Pharma Institutes, Agrochemicals and Nutraceutical Industries.

The Fluid Bed Equipment can be classified into different models as per the requirement in the application. Some are as mentioned:

a) Fluid Bed Mixing and Drying Process :Our Fluid Bed Model passes a stream of air upward on the bed of compact particles with the help of solid perforated sheets.The upward air is set with a velocity in a controlled manner which helps the particles to lift slightly and get them mobilized.The fine granules are then moved forward as well as mixed by utilizing their movement. The hot processed air evaporates the fluid from the minute particles. The minute particles get accumulated to larger particles and result into large required granules.

b) Fluid Bed Processor with Top Spraying System and Granulation Process : This process is utilized to form granules from fine power substances in the fluid beds. The liquidized powder is dampened with any fluid, binder or starch pest by using the method of top spraying system. The top spraying system is provided with a precise dosing peristaltic pump and spraying nozzle. The fluidized powder remains wet till the formation of liquid bridges between the particles. The powder does not split up since there are different powders are bound together on a micro scale. Due to the absence of any kind of disturbance force inside the fluid bed equipment, the granules remain weak and are soluble. After the formation of granules, they are further dried up using the hot air. The technology is used for dust free process, good dispensability, free flow properties,capsule, tableting and good solubility due to the porous design.

c) Fluid bed equipment in Wurster Coater Bottom Spray for Granules Coating or Pellet Coating: The Pellet Coater is capable of handling the mentioned processes:

  • Active Layering
  • Controlled Release Coatings
  • Solvent or Aqueous based Solutions or Suspensions
  • Fine Particles Coatings
  • Enteric Release Coatings

The Wurster Carter as the name suggests, is used to apply coatings on the pellets or granules which is known as the Wurster Coater. During the process, the pellets enter from the bottom into the hollow cylinder in small quantities. As they enter the granules are sprayed with the coating. The pellets than pass through the bottom spray gun in a uniform manner, thereby avoiding accumulation of granules and move out of the Wurster compartment ensuring uniformity throughout the capsules.After coming out of the compartment the pellets are dried and result in ending the task of the equipment.

SALIENT FEATURES of Granulation & Coater

Fluid Bed Equipment – Granulation & Coater Should Have Features Like –

  • Our models are designed to support different batch sizes.
  • The product container has a sampling port.
  • For granulation process, the fluid bed equipment comes with a top spraying system.
  • Our product is designed as per cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices Compliance)
  • The Wurster Coater uses dual speed mixing impeller for intensifying chopper and mixing during granulation.
  • Advanced PLC control system with MMI Touch Screen for Coating and Granulation system.
  • High précised flow peristaltic pump and atomized spraying gun for spraying system.
  • Wurster Coater for bottom spraying system of pellets,tablet and granule coating.
  • Heat Exchanger and Air Filter – Micro & HEPA included Inlet Air Handler.
  • Contact Parts – AISI 316 and non-contact parts – AISI 304.
  • Product Container and Filter Bag are pneumatically sealed by the inflatable silicon rubber tube.
  • Problem free Cleaning, Short Batch Time, Residue Free Discharge and High Mixing Precision.
  • It also comes with an integrated retarding chamber(filter bag housing) and single piece construction.


One Can Opt for Features in Granulation & Coater Combo Such as –

  • Combined model of Pallets Coater and Granulator
  • Non- inflammable electrical
  • With only Bottom Wurster Coater
  • With only Top Spray Granulator Model

SAFETY FEATURES of Granulation & Coater Combo

Specifications of Fluid Bed Granulator for Safety

  • The product comes with an explosion flap to avert any harm to the operator in case an explosion occurs due to mixture of dust and air.
  • If the filter bag locking gasket’s air pressure goes below the default value, the blower stops automatically.


Tech. Specifications of Fluid Bed Equipment

Bhagwati – 30
Bhagwati – 60
Bhagwati – 120
Bhagwati – 200
Bhagwati – 300
Bhagwati – 500
Working Volume in Liter-Top Spray
Batch Capacity in Kg
25-30 Kg
50-60 Kg
100-120 Kg
180-200 Kg
270-300 Kg
400-600 Kg
Working Volume in Liter- Wurster
Batch Capacity in Kg
15-20 Kg
25-50 Kg
50-70 Kg
60-100 Kg
75-150 Kg
175-300 Kg
Drying Temp in ° C
30-85 ° C
30-85 ° C
30-85 ° C
30-85 ° C
30-85 ° C
30-85 ° C
Motor in HP
Air Flow m³/hr.
Diameter of filter Housing in mm
Approx overall Height in mm
Please contact us for more details.
Electric Heating Load in Kw
Steam Consumption in kg/hr
Compressed Air Consumption in CFM