Fluid Bed Granulation & Fluid Bed Pellet Coater Machine – Fluidized Bed Dryer

Fluid Bed Granulation & Fluid Bed Pellet Coater Machine – Fluidized Bed Dryer

We are the leader in designing the fluidized bed dryer including Fluid Bed Granulation Machine & Fluid Bed Pellet Coater Machine as our FBD helps in the process of drying and cooling of heat-sensitive medicines by reducing the moisture content in a given time. Fluid bed dryer also finds its use in the chemical, food, biochemical and dairy industries, agrochemical, ceramics, pharmaceutical, Nutraceuticals as well as in herbal manufacturing units.
The granulation and pellet coater is designed to perform the coating operation on the granules and pellets.


The fluid bed processor performs processes like agglomeration, coating, cooling, granulation & drying of particulate materials. Shree Bhagwati Mechtech (India) Pvt. Ltd. Fluid Bed Pellet Coater Machine is ideal for heat insensitive & sensitive products in industries of Detergents, Agrochemical, Food, Biochemical, Herbals, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetic, Biotech, Pharma institutes, Chemicals and Nutraceuticals.

Depending on the application required fluid bed Equipment can be configured into designs as follows :

1.Fluid Bed Drying and MixingProcess: The Fluid Bed Granulator has a bed of minute particles which are passed to upside through fluid which are passed through perforated sheets designed specially for this process. The velocity of air remains to an extent to move the particles and utilized the movement of the particles forward towards the exit. Heated air is also passed through the particles to dry them by evaporating the moisture inside them. As a result fines particles are stuck together to larger particles which then end up as granules.

2.Fluid Bed Processor for Agglomeration and Granulation Processwith Top spraying System:This process is utilized top form granules at the fluid bed from fine powder particles. The liquidated powder at the fluid bed uses materials such as binders or starch pest or a fluid. For performing the liquidation process the Fluid Bed Pellet Coater Machine uses a top spraying system installed with nozzle for spraying and precise dosing peristaltic pump. The process continues till the bridges are formed in-between the particles. The powder does not get segregated since the powders are glued together at amicro scale. The formed granules have good solubility and are weak since no disturbance force acts on them. After the formation of granules, they are further dried using hot air. This technology used for granule formation is used for tabletting & capsules due to their free flow properties, excellent solubility, dust free and good dispensibilty.

3.Fluid Bed Equipment with Wurster Coater Bottom Spray for Pellet Coating or Granules Coating:
The Fluid Bed Granulation machine is capable of handling the following mentioned processes:

  • Solvent or Aqueous based suspensions or solutions
  • Managed release coatings
  • Enteric Release coatings
  • Minute particle coatings
  • Active coatings

The Wurster process is used to apply a coating to the granules or pellets. It is performed in a hollow container in which the pellets enter from the bottom of the cylinder and pass through the spray guns. Here, the granules are coated and passed towards the top in a proper manner which maintains uniformity among the capsules. They are then passed to dry outside the chamber for another layer of coating. The controlled movement of all the granules assures uniformity in layering and provide quality results.


  • Granulation process by top spraying method.
  • Granules, Tablet Coating and pellet coating by bottom spraying system of Wurster Coating Method.
  • cGMP Compliance design.
  • Micro, HEPA & Heat Exchanger kind of Air Filter in Inlet Air Handler.
  • Variations in batch capacity in models.
  • Chopper to intensify granulating and mixing by a dual speed mixing impeller.
  • Filter bag housing with integrated retarding chamber in a single equipment.
  • Product container with sampling pot
  • Atomized spraying gun for spraying system
  • High précised flow in peristaltic pump
  • High precision in mixing
  • Short batch time
  • Issue free cleaning
  • Discharge without residue
  • Contact parts of AISI 316 and non contact parts of AISI 304
  • Product container & filter bag sealed pneumatically by silicon rubber tube.
  • Advance PLC controls with an MMI Touch screen for coatingand granulating system.


  • Top Spray Granulator Model
  • Bottom Wurster Coater Model
  • Granulator & Pellet Combo Coater
  • Electric Proof Electrical


  • Ensure safety of operator in the form of explosion flap incase of explosion due to air and dust mixing.
  • Discontinuation of blower in case the value of air pressure in filter bag locking gasket drops.


Bhagwati – 30
Bhagwati – 60
Bhagwati – 120
Bhagwati – 200
Bhagwati – 300
Bhagwati – 500
Working Volume in Liter-Top Spray
Batch Capacity in Kg
25-30 Kg
50-60 Kg
100-120 Kg
180-200 Kg
270-300 Kg
400-600 Kg
Working Volume in Liter- Wurster
Batch Capacity in Kg
15-20 Kg
25-50 Kg
50-70 Kg
60-100 Kg
75-150 Kg
175-300 Kg
Drying Temp in ° C
30-85 ° C
30-85 ° C
30-85 ° C
30-85 ° C
30-85 ° C
30-85 ° C
Motor in HP
Air Flow m³/hr.
Diameter of filter Housing in mm
Approx overall Height in mm
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Electric Heating Load in Kw
Steam Consumption in kg/hr
Compressed Air Consumption in CFM