Fluid Bed Equipment – Fluidized Bed Processor, Top Spray Granulation

Fluid Bed Equipment – Fluidized Bed Processor, Top Spray Granulation

The fluid bed equipment or fluid bed processor is designed to form granules from the fine powder by using fluidized mechanism. The fluidized bed processor with a top spray granulation system from the Bhagwati Mechtech Pvt. Ltd can be used in the manufacturing of capsules, tablet, to name a few.


Shree Bhagwati Mechtech (India) Pvt. Ltd. Liquid Bed Processing includes drying, cooling, agglomeration, granulation and covering of particulate materials. It is perfect for heat and non heat sensitive items in Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Nutraceuticals, Cosmetic, Chemicals, Biochemical, Food, Dairy, Confectionary, Agrochemical, Herbals, Ceramics, Detergents and Pharma Institutes.

Contingent upon the application required Fluid Bed Equipment can be arranged in structures as follows :

1. The Fluid Bed Mixing and Drying Process : The Fluid Bed framework has a bed of solid particles which are fluidized by passing a surge of air upward through an exceptionally structured punctured sheet. The upward speed of the air is so kept up somewhat lifting the solid particles and set them moving. This movement can be used to move and progress of the solid particles towards the exit. The air is warm and completes the evaporation of the liquid and dries the solid particles. The Fine particles get huddled to bigger granule particles, thus resulting in the required size of capsules.

2. The Fluid Bed Processor with Top Spraying framework for Agglomeration and Granulation Process: The procedure in Fluid Processor is performed on liquid beds to shape granule structure from fine powder. The fluidized powder is wetted with liquid/binding agent/pest from starch by utilizing top showering framework. The top, splashing framework furnished with showering spouts and exact dosing peristaltic siphon. The fluidized powder is wetted until fluid scaffolds are framed between particles. Isolation of powder doesn’t happen as multiple powder material are stuck together at a minuscule scope. Since there is no impinging power in liquid bed, the granules are feeble and have great solvency. When the granules are made they are dried in the gear utilizing thermogenic air. The Bed Equipment is utilized for framing granules for Tabletting, Capsules, dust free procedure, free stream properties, great dependability and fantastic solvency because of permeable structure.

3. Liquid Bed Equipment with Wurster Coater Bottom Spray for Granules Coating or Pellet Coating:The Coater is equipped for dealing with any of the accompanying procedure:

  • Water or Solvent based arrangements or suspensions
  • Controlled discharge coatings
  • Enteric Release coatings
  • Effective layering

The Wurster Coater procedure utilized to apply a covering to the granules or pellets. In this procedure the splash is donein an empty chamber and from the base of this chamber the pellets are permitted in little amounts to enter the empty tubeshaped cylinder. Then the particles are passed through the base shower weapons in efficient way rapidly moving upward the cylinders to keep away from agglomeration. When they are outside the Wurster compartment, they move descending outside the compartment where they dry an another layer of covering can be provided. Since the development of the granules or pellets inside the Wurster chamber completely controlled, guarantees uniform.


  • Current Good Manufacturing Practice Compliance consent design.
  • Contact and non-contact parts of AISI 316 and AISI 304.
  • Availability of Fluid Bed Processor Models according to different batch capacity.
  • Granulation process supported by apex Spraying System.
  • Tablet coating, Pellet coating and Granules supported by the Wurster Coating System.
  • Trouble Free Cleaning, precise mixing, without residue discharge and Short batch time.
  • Integrated retarding chamber and filter bag housing within a single instrument.
  • Product container with sampling pot.
  • Advance PLC control system connected to MMI Touch in coating and granulation system.
  • Highly Precise peristaltic pump and atomized spraying gun inside the spraying system.
  • Pneumatically sealed filter bag and container of the product through the inflatable Silicon Rubber Tube.
  • Granulation Process for intensified chopping in fluidized processor.
  • Mixing in fluid bed procesor through a mixing impeller (dual speed).
  • Micro, HEPA and Heat Exchanger Air Handler for Air Filter.


  • Top Spray Granulator Model
  • Bottom based Wurster Coater
  • Combined Pallet Coater & Granulator
  • Blaze(flame) Proof Electrical


  • Safety of the operator through explosion flap in case of explosion caused due to mixing of air and dust inside the machine.
  • In case of decrease in set value of filter bag locking gasket in the top spray granulation machine, the blower tends to stop.


Bhagwati – 30
Bhagwati – 60
Bhagwati – 120
Bhagwati – 200
Bhagwati – 300
Bhagwati – 500
Working Volume in Liter-Top Spray
Batch Capacity in Kg
25-30 Kg
50-60 Kg
100-120 Kg
180-200 Kg
270-300 Kg
400-600 Kg
Working Volume in Liter- Wurster
Batch Capacity in Kg
15-20 Kg
25-50 Kg
50-70 Kg
60-100 Kg
75-150 Kg
175-300 Kg
Drying Temp in ° C
30-85 ° C
30-85 ° C
30-85 ° C
30-85 ° C
30-85 ° C
30-85 ° C
Motor in HP
Air Flow m³/hr.
Diameter of filter Housing in mm
Approx overall Height in mm
Please contact us for more details.
Electric Heating Load in Kw
Steam Consumption in kg/hr
Compressed Air Consumption in CFM