High Speed Tablet Press – 20, 27, 30 Station

High Speed Tablet Press – 20, 27, 30 Station

Easy, precise and clean tablet manufacturing from the powder is done with the help of the advanced TabXPress Tablet Machine by the reliable name in the equipment manufacturing world, i.e., Shree Bhagwati Machtech (India) Pvt. Ltd.

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Tablet Press Machine APPLICATION & PROCESS

What are the Applications & Processes Performed by Pre-Compression Rotary Tablet Press?

TabXpressTablet Press Machine is used for production of simple and precise tablets from powder in Pharmaceutical and relevant Industries.

The TabXpress- is high speed single sided central drive pre-compression rotary tablet presses is suitable for medium size batch production with uniform tablet size and weight. The Machine designed in an effort to exceed the cGMP requirements and ensure the most economical and efficient tablet production. The TabXpress-PUV features a unique ergonomics design for easy to operate, easy to fast change over, easy to clean with minimum down time.


Design Concept of Tablet Press Machine

The TabXpress has been completely new designed according to the most modern ergonomic aspects.

  • cGMP confirm.
  • Machine’s basic construction with separate compression zone and drive zone.
  • Fast Cleaning and Changeover capability.
  • Stainless Steel and Acrylic Glass Surrounding.
  • Easy to Operate and Maintenance.

SALIENT FEATURES of Pre-Compression Rotary Tablet Presses

Rotary Tablet Press Machine – Features for Better Performance

  • Design is cGMP – Current Good Manufacturing Practices compliance.
  • All contact parts AISI 316 & non contact parts AISI 304.
  • TabXpress- PUV is high speed single sided tablet press with central drive, pre compression and suitable for medium size batch production and offered in three model “D” , “B” & “BB” Tooling.
  • Simple & Convenient Operation, Changeover, Cleanliness, Operator Protection & Ease to Maintenance.
  • All parameters setting of tablet; like tablet thickness, weight adjustment, Pre-compression Pressure, Main Pressure are provided in front of the machine and outside the compression zone.
  • Tablet parameters can be tuned during operations from outside the tableting zone.
  • Easy accessibility for quick cleaning and product changeover.
  • Pre-Compression System to improve compressibility and tablet Quality.
  • Turret Drive is Central Drive from Closed Gearbox, No Gearing on Turret.
  • Electromagnetic Clutch for turret drive.
  • A C Frequency variable drive for Turret Motor and Feeder Motor.
  • Force feeder systems with bottom drive for uniform filling to weight consistency.
  • 3 Pc. turret with S.S 316 Die Pot.
  • Upper Punch penetration & Lower Punch scraper seal.
  • Drive system completely enclosed and sealed off from the pressing zone.
  • S.S. 304 closer at bottom drive zone and acrylic glass surrounding at compression zone.

Tablet Press Machine OPTIONAL FEATURES

Optional Features to Select for Rotary Tablet Press Machine

  • PLC Controls with HMI Touch screen interface.
  • Powder level sensor for hopper.
  • Start and stop times Rejection and sampling device.

SAFETY FEATURES of Pre-Compression Rotary Tablet Presses

Precautionary Features for Operator Safety in Tablet Press Machine

  • Interlocked upper guard and Overload relay protection.
  • Overload pressure release mechanism.
  • Emergency stop button.


Technical Specifications – Pre-Compression Rotary Tablet Press Machine

Bhagwati – 20
Bhagwati- 27
Bhagwati -30
No. of Station
Type of Tooling
Output-tablets per Hour
29,000 to 72,000
39,000 to 97,000
43,000 to 108,000
Max. Operating Pressure-Main
100 kN
65 kN
65 kN
Max. Operating Pressure- Pre-Press
10 kN
10 kN
10 kN
Max. Tablet Diameter
25 mm
16 mm
11 mm
Depth of Fill
20.5 mm
17.5 mm
17.5 mm
Upper punch penetration
3 to 6 mm
3 to 6 mm
3 to 6 mm
Total Power consumption
6.25 HP / 4.7 kW
6.25 HP / 4.7 kW
6.25 HP / 4.7 kW

Pre-Compression Rotary Tablet Presses VIDEO

Video Reflecting Working of High Speed Tablet Compression Machine