High Speed Tablet Press – No. Of Station 37, 45, 55, 61

High Speed Tablet Press – No. Of Station 37, 45, 55, 61

TabXPress -II tablet press is easy to operate, precise and clean tablet manufacturing from the powder is done with the help of advanced TabXPress -II Tablet Machine by the reliable name in the equipment manufacturing world, i.e., Shree Bhagwati Machtech (India) Pvt. Ltd.

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High Speed Tablet Press APPLICATION & PROCESS

Explained Information of Application & Process of Rotary Tablet Compression Press

TabXpress-II is a High Speed Double Sided Rotary Tablet Compression Press suitable for millennium batch size production.

TabXpress-II designed in an effort to exceed the highest cGMP requirement and to ensure the most economical and efficient tablet production. The new TabXpress-II features a unique ergonomic design for EASY to Operate, EASY to Fast Changeover, EASY to Clean with minimum down time. The TabXpress Tablet Press is completely separated into three zones i.e. Tablet Compression zone, Machine service zone and Electrical controls zone. The Optional feature of TabXpress-II machine can provide with Touch Screen Operate Interface with PLC Controls, which is mounted in a separate electric controls cabinet.

TabXpress II Tablet Press is offered in four different models viz. Tooling 37 Stn “D” Type, 45 Stn “B” Type, 55 Stn “B” Type, 61 Stn “BB” Type.


Designer Concept of High Speed Tablet Press

TabXpress-II has been completely new designed according to the most modern ergonomic aspects.

  • cGMP confirm.
  • Machine’s basic construction with separate compression zone and drive zone.
  • Fast Cleaning and Changeover capability.
  • Stainless Steel and Acrylic Glass Surrounding.
  • Easy to Operate and Maintenance.

SALIENT FEATURES of Rotary Tablet Compression Press

Striking Features of Tableting Machine

  • Design Conforming to cGMP standards.
  • All Contact parts in SS 316 and non contact parts in SS 304.
  • TabXpress- II is high speed double sided tablet press with Internal gear drive, and suitable for large batch production and offered in three model “D” , “B” & “BB” Tooling.
  • Simple and Convenient Operation, Changeover, Cleanliness, Operator protection and Ease to Maintenance.
  • All Controls like tablet thickness, weight adjustment, Pre-press adjustment are in front of the machine and outside the compression zone.
  • Turret Drive from Closed Gearbox through Internal Helical Gearing with continuous Lubrication.
  • Force Feeder for Powder Feeding with Bottom side drive.
  • Electro Magnetic Clutch Drive for Safety, Ease and Maintains Free operation.
  • A C Frequency variable drive for Turret Motor and Feeder Motor.
  • Fast changeover and Easy cleaning designed with Easy removal Weight adjustment sector.
  • Upper guard with Hydraulic Cylinder and Lower guard From S.S. 304 fitted Limit switch.
  • Turret made from Special graded casting and option for 3pc.turret with S.S.316 Diepot.
  • Hydraulic Power Pack for Pressure Loading & Overloading release.
  • Auto Lubrication System for Turret gearing and fulcrum pins.
  • Paint free Tablet Compression zone.
  • Dust suction nozzle for Controlling Dusting.
  • Closed Dust free Front Electric Control Panel easy Removal type.

High Speed Tablet Press OPTIONAL FEATURES

Optional Features of High Speed Tablet Press Machine

  • PLC Controls with HMI Touch screen interface.
  • Powder level sensor for hopper.
  • Start and stop times Rejection and sampling device.

SAFETY FEATURES of Rotary Tablet Compression Press

Safety Features for Operator Safety in Tablet Press Machine

  • Interlocked upper guard and Overload relay protection.
  • Overload pressure release mechanism.
  • Emergency stop button.

Rotary Tablet Compression Press TECHICAL SPECIFICATIONS

Technical Features of Tablet Press

TabXpress – II 37
TabXpress – II 45
TabXpress – II 55
TabXpress – II 61
No. of Station
Type of Tooling
Output-tablets per Hour
44,400 to 222,000
54,000 to 324,000
66,000 to 396,000
73,200 to 439,000
Max. Operating Pressure
10 Tons
6.5 Tons
6.5 Tons
6.5 Tons
Max. Tablet Diameter
25 mm
16 mm
11 mm
11 mm
Depth of Fill
20.5 mm
17.5 mm
17.5 mm
17.5 mm
Upper punch penetration
3 to 6 mm
3 to 6 mm
3 to 6 mm
3 to 6 mm
Total Power consumption
9.5 HP / 7 kW
9.5 HP / 7 kW
9.5 HP / 7 kW
9.5 HP / 7 kW

Rotary Tablet Compression Press VIDEO

Complete Video Showing Working of Tablet Press Machine