Inline Homogenizer

Inline Homogenizer

By working on the rotor or stator principle, the Inline Homogenizer from the Shree Bhagwati Machtech (India) Pvt. Ltd comes with a sturdy design and is used in the process where homogenizing, solid dispersion, emulsifying and disintegration of solids is to be performed.
The Homogenous Mixture For Liquid Syrup Processing are manufactured by undergoing strict regulatory tests and complies with all the necessary norms to fulfil industrial needs.


Applications & Process Performed by Homogenizer Mixture Machines

The homogenizer is often necessary to mix one or more substances within a liquid. This device allows to micronize and scatters the particles suspended in the fluid, so that the product become highly stable, no matter the followings treatments and stockings the products may undergo. The Homogenous Mixture For Liquid Syrup Processing delivers unparalleled consistency and control of high shear process applications such as, Immiscible Phase Emulsifying, Homogenizing, Wet Grinding, Texturing, Deagglomeration and Fine Dispersing.

The product arrives to the homogenizing at a low speed and at high pressure (cause by the little gape between the passing head and collision head). During the passage the product is subjected to numerous forces which cause the particles micronization: a violent acceleration followed by an immediate deceleration that produces cavitations and then the globules explosion. Strong turbulence united to high frequency vibrations. Collision cutting strengths derived from the laminar passage between the homogenizing valve surfaces and the following impact with the collision ring.

Incorporating up to single sets of toothed rotor-stator heads, engineered to extremely fine radial tolerances, the Emulsifier processes product at high differential velocities, as many as 18 times in a single-pass. The result is consistent, repeatable quality at capacities exceeding those of conventional multiple-pass technology, such as in-tank high-shear mixers, colloid mills and shear pumps.


Impressive Features of Inline Homogenizer Machine

  • Design is cGMP with all contact parts AISI 316.
  • Capacity up to 5,000 liters.
  • Single-pass processing results in reduced batch times by up to 80% and repeatability batch-after-batch.
  • Energy savings when compared with in-tank mixers, colloid mills and homogenizers.
  • Increased capacity when compared with colloid mills and homogenizers.
  • Improved product quality and shelf-life stability.
  • High Differential Velocities.


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