Lab Tripple Roller Mill

Lab Tripple Roller Mill

When there is a requirement to get the reduction in the particle size, Lab Scale Triple Roller uses high shearing and crushing force to evenly disperse the conglomerates. These triple rollers are designed with the aim to bring the desired particle size and Shree Bhagwati (India) Pvt. Ltd is a top-notch manufacturer, distributor, and a trader of these size reduction products worldwide.

Lab Tripple Roller Mill APPLICATION & PROCESS

Shree Bhagwati Mechtech (India) pvt. Ltd. Lab Scale Triple Roller Mill is designed for small batch size and flexibility to a bench top mill. In a Triple Roller mill, particle size are reduced and agglomerates are dispersed by the combined crushing force of the rollers and the extremely high shearing force resulting from different roller speeds. Since the entire product is fed into the gap between the rollers, the result is precise, controllable and narrow particle size distribution. By setting the gap width, particle size can be controlled easily and accurately, down to the micro level.

Three roll mills can be used to process a wide range of products with diverse theology- from low viscosity materials of 200 cPoise to thick paste of more than 1,000,000 cPoise. Three roll mills enable a medium or high viscosity product to be dispersed with minimal liquid. Since liquid materials do not have to be dispersed, they can be added later. Three roll mills provide outstanding control of product temperature, since the product is processed as a thin film on the roller. As result, the product can be heated of cooled to the desired temperature.

NEW DESIGN FEATURES of Lab Scale Triple Roller

  • Design as per stringent cGMP requirement.
  • All contact parts are in S.S.316 non contact parts in S.S.304 Quality.
  • Zero Gaps between rollers are adjustable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Leak proof water Cooling/ Heating System to rollers.


Bhagwati – 80
Throughput- Min- Max.
0.02 -2 Liter/Hour, Average depending on product.
Roller Diameter
80 mm
Roller length
200 mm
Rotor Speed Ratio n1:n2;n3
9 : 3 : 1
Roller Material
Hard Chromed plated steel.
Universal scraper system
Scraper knife material
Frequency converter Speed control Motor Output
0.75 KW
Roller which can be cooled and heated up to 60° C
Dimensions mm( width x depth x height with scraper system and hopper)
750 x 600 x 600
Net weight – Kg
Power supply
3 phase & Specific Voltage.