Ribbon Blender: All that you need to know

The Ribbon Blender is a ribbon mixture machine that is dominantly used in cosmetics, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. It is used during the production of talcum powder, spices, chemical powder and medicines. It is mainly used in mixing solids with solids and liquids both.

A “U” tank blender comprises of a shaft with two pairs of spiral ribbons positioned one inside the other. The inner and outer ribbons are arranged in such a way that it allows the material to reach each corner of the trough during rotation. Moreover, to give radial and linear motion to the whole material that is to be mixed.

Ribbon blender range at Shree Bhagwati Machtech is based on a demonstrated agitator construction that delivers a triple mixing action that ensures quick and effective blending. The material is tumbled and carried radially inside the blender as the agitator rotates in a ribbon blender. The exterior ribbon pitch moves the material towards the opening of the discharge. With an opposing pitch, the internal ribbon moves the material away from the opening of the discharge.

Use of our Ribbon Blender

Our vacuum mixer dryer are widely used in the food, chemical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry. In all the following above sectors, the ribbon blender provides fast mixing with uniform consistency.

Moreover, our ribbon blender offers the necessary uniformity in short durations. This implies less dusting and breaking of components that can cause stomach ulcers in livestock, as well as bridging downstream handling devices.

Besides, the quantity of material left over between batches is minimised by using scrapers or drop bottom discharge, thus decreasing the chance for growth of bacteria. Slurries are strong enough to distribute liquid slurries homogeneously within the ribbon blender. Exceptional high-speed intensifiers can be added to the bottom to help break the lumps in the mixture. The appropriate structure of shaft seal is essential in liquid handling. The choice of shaft seal includes: mechanical, packing glands, double mechanical and double automatic glands.

Salient Features of Ribbon Blender

  1. A handy design which can be used in various industries.
  2. Capacity ranges from 50liters to 15000liters.
  3. Only one is required for complete mixing and blending.
  4. Consistent and high shear mixing
  5. High quality and durable materials are used in manufacturing the blenders.
  6. Easy to operate and clean.
  7. Hygienic operating process.

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