Role of Different Fluid Bed Equipment in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Fluid bed equipment is a kind of equipment used extensively in the pharmaceutical industries to reduce the moisture content in raw ingredients like powder and granules. Fluid Bed Processor aids in drying, cooling, agglomeration, granulation, and coating of particulate materials. It is ideal for heat sensitive and non-heat sensitive products in Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Nutraceuticals, cosmetics, Chemicals, Biochemical, Food, Dairy, Confectionery, Agrochemical, Herbals, Ceramics, Detergents, and Pharma Institutes.

Working Principle of Fluid Bed Dryer-It is composed of a stainless steel chamber having a detachable bottom, which is often perforated and this is called the bowl. Through this perforated bottom, the air is introduced and with the help of heaters that increase the temperature of the air present inside. The heated air is then filtered and is allowed to pass through the bed of the material. Within the system, there is a provision for an attachment of a fan. The fan initiates and monitors the airflow direction. One can also regulate the airflow and the temperature at which the machine is working. The fluid bed pellet Coater machine is also a fluid bed system with a modified system that allows the pellets to be coated uniformly using spray nozzles at the bottom of the container.

Fluid bed Wruster coater, which is similar to the fluid bed microencapsulation, is the encapsulation of discrete particles in a fluidized bed using differential airflow to create a cyclic movement of material. The Wurster coating process can be applied to a range of core materials in numerous particle sizes and shapes.

Fluid Bed Equipment Granulation and Pellet Coater Combo

Depending on the application or position of their spray system, you may classify the available fluid bed coater equipment as:

  • Fluid bed drying machine
  • Fluid bed granulation machine
  • Fluid bed coating machine

Two machines functions would be combined to use in one machine. For example, the fluid bed dryer granulator can dry and also combine granulation, and the fluid bed dryer granulator and coater can coat and dry materials.

What distinguishes these Multifunctional Fluidized Bed is the positioning of the spray system.

  • Top spray- Spraying process from the top: The discharging nozzle is designed to atomize air and spray liquid. It sprays the binder solution or active ingredient downwards.
  • Bottom spray- The spraying nozzle is located at the bottom of a fluidization chamber. Minimal spray drying is required due to the short distance between the nozzle and spray particles.
  • Tangential Spray- Nozzle is positioned on the side of the product container. It has a spinning variable disc and whenever this machine operates, the product will be subject to a wide range of forces.

After the initially used fluid bed dryer systems, they developed into granulators with the use of spray nozzles. When a nozzle is mounted, the fluid bed dryer becomes a granulator.

Fluid Bed Dryer

The use of a fluid bed dryer is most important in pharmaceutical industries though it is used in other industries. The use of this equipment entails that the moisture content of granules and powder can be decreased consistently.

  • Heat transfer with minimal energy consumption: energy efficient
  • Multi-functional: capable of heating, drying, cooling, coating
  • Adaptable to continuous or batch processing
  • Vibration to aid in processing
  • Manufactured from stainless steel, carbon steel, or nickel alloy
  • Customized for your individual needs
  • Low maintenance

Once the technical aspects are looked into, the fluidized bed processor which are provided by all leading manufacturers and suppliers, the engineers will have ease in getting them installed.