Roll Compactor

Are you looking for a Roll Compactor machine for making granules and reduce the size of the ingredient. If yes, you are in the right place. 

Roll Compactor is a high-performance dry granulation tool. It produces a thick sheet with durability & enhances the density by compressing powdered product between two peculiarly design rolls.

Roller Compactors are used to force fine powders between two counter-rotating rollers and to force the materials into a compressed solid (flakes, strips, sheets). Roll Compactor is also termed dry granulators. The Roll Compactor machine is used for powder densification and granulation in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.

How the Roll Compactor Machine process?

The powdery and fine crystalline materials are fed into the hopper of the compactor at the start of the process. Here, an embedded screw feeder with stirrer ensures even flow of the material. Owing to its structure, the screw has a pre-compacting and de-aerating effect on the raw material. The vertical screw feeder pushes the goods into the nip area of the roll compactor. 

The vertical feed screw feeds the compacting rollers through the pre-compacting chamber with powder inside the compacting zone. The powder is then passed smoothly between the compacting roller gaps. And then via AC Variable Frequency Drive–AC VFD which has adjustable speed the hard chips or flakes create a fine powder.

The customizable pace of the screw directly impacts the roller gap and hence, the compaction ability of the roll compactor. The roller compactor machine from here reduces the material into granules. The adjustable roll velocity determines the product’s retention time within the area of compaction. The required compaction force is transferred to the rolls through the hydraulic system. The hydraulic unit keeps the set roll force steady, to ensure a homogeneous flake, while scrapers keep the rolls neat and tidy.

The flake then falls into one or many subsequent motor solvent extraction mills after compaction. To avoid fines from being generated, incoming chips are shrunk in size as near as possible. The sieve picked specifies the final grain size of the granule. An embedded testing machine can be used to segregate fines from the main ingredient.

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