Shree Bhagwati – A Leading Manufacturer of Process and Packaging Machinery

Shree Bhagwati is a renowned manufacturer and exporter of various process and packaging machinery across the world. With an aim to provide the finest quality machinery to the manufacturing industries, the company has been delivering excellence since its inception. Over the years the company has established itself as one of the most reliable companies having immense expertise in manufacturing the top quality process and packaging machines used in a number of industries.

As a result of its prime focus on quality, the company has been able to develop a range of high-tech machinery with advance features. All the machines offered by Shree Bhagwati are known for their superior quality and unmatched performance. The company specializes in providing customized solutions for Pharma Process Equipment, Chemical Process Equipment, Food Process Equipment, Cosmetic Process Equipment, Packaging Machines and Turnkey Projects.

The product range of Shree Bhagwati includes Agitator (Stirrer), Disintegrator, Sticker Labeling Mchine, Fluid Bed Dryer, Tray Dryer, Tippler, Planetary Mixer, Colloid Mill, Liquid Filling Machine, Storage Tank, Roll Compactor, Double Cone Blender, Vibro Sifter, Tube Filling Machine, Fluid Bed Processor, Tablet Press Machine, Automatic Ointment Manufacturing plant, Pilot Ointment Mixer, Vacuum Tray Dryer, Homogenizer, Liquid Plant, Shampoo Mixer, Autoclave Processor, Distillation Column, Heat Exchanger, and Many More. Here is brief information on some of the machines offers by Shree Bhagwati.

Agitator – Stirrer

Agitator, also known as Stirrer, is widely used for mixing two homogeneous or non- homogeneous materials. Shree Bhagwati is a leading manufacturer of high-quality agitators (stirrers) for the finest mixing results for liquids and pastes. Agitator or Stirrer is widely used in industries like pharmaceutical, chemical, food, cosmetics and paints for mixing and blending of materials. The company offers different types of agitators like automatic, semi-automatic and manual that can be customized as per the customer requirement.

Agitator Stirrer

Disintegrator (Disintegrator Milling Machine)

Shree Bhagwati is a leading manufacturer of Disintegrator used for high-speed cutting, milling, grinding and pulverizing of hard particles. The Disintegration Milling Machine is ideal for herbal products. This disintegrating machine is designed in compliance with cGMP standards. This high tech Disintegrator is capable of handling heavy load effectively and without any vibration.


Fluid Bed Dryer

The company offers high tech Fluid Bed Dryer used for fast drying, cooling and agglomeration of materials in the pharmaceutical, chemical, biochemical and food industries. The Fluid Bed Dryer helps in achieving uniform drying by exposing the complete surface of particles to the high-velocity hot air. This advance equipment comes with the latest PLC controls with HMI touch screen to control various process parameters. In addition, the Fluid Bed Dryer is also equipped with overload relay protection and an emergency stop button.

Fluid Bed Dryer

Tray Dryer

Shree Bhagwati is a renowned manufacturer and exporter of Tray Dryer, also known as Tray Drying Ovens. This high tech Tray Dryer is widely used in drying powders and granules by hot air recirculation. It is one of the most preferred machines as it is highly effective and economical. Along with this Tray Dryer, the company also offers mobile trolleys that are used for loading and unloading of the trays into the dryer.

Tray Dryer
Shree Bhagwati - A Leading Manufacturer of Process and Packaging Machinery