Tablet Coating: Uses, Techniques and Types


Tablet Coating is a thin coating of film for covering the surface of the tablet using a high-quality machine. It is one of the oldest techniques for coating tablets in the drug industry. However, it is still valid and a running method for tablet coating. 

The tablet/film/sugar coating process helps in masking the colour, smell and taste of the drug. The machinery is widely used in the pharmaceutical and drug industry. It is also used in the food processing industry as well. 

What is the tablet coating technique/process?

The process of tablet coating includes applying a substantially dry coating to the surface of the drug for protecting it. It technically involves the application of a sugar or polymeric coat on the surface of the tablet. It benefits the tablet by increasing its durability and quality. Apart from the physical and chemical protection, it also aids with the protection of the drug inside the stomach by safeguarding its release process. 

The different types of tablet coating techniques include:

  1. Standard Coating
  2. Perforated Coating
  3. Fluidised Bed or Air Suspension 

How do we help?

We help pharmaceutical industries by manufacturing and developing automatic tablet coater machines along with atomised spraying system for the tablet coating process. 

Automatic Tablet Coater

We have designed automatic tablet coating machinery that helps with film coating with the organic solvent, enteric coating, sugar coating as well as aqueous coating. The optional features that we offer are Interchangeable Pan, Solid Pan for confectionery products, Wet Scrubber, Dry Dust Collector, Dehumidifier, Steam or Electric Heat Exchanger, Tablets charging by bin loader and SCADA Connectivity.

Atomised Spraying System

The atomised spraying system for tablet coating consists of the Atomized spray nozzle, High Precise Peristaltic pump, Stand for Gun, Solution holding tank and automatic controls system. The complete system is based on auto coater machine technology for the drug film coating process.

Automatic Coating System is Consists of

  1. Solution holding tank.
  2. Peristaltic Pump
  3. Atomised Spraying Gun
  4. Adjustable Stand for Spraying Gun
  5. Automatic Electro-Pneumatic Controls Panel.

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