The Salient Features of the Axial Extruder Machine

With the changing technology, many things have been changing across the globe be it the human being reaching the moon or the minute changes, everything matters at its level. Likewise, the use of machinery has been advanced to another level. We at Liquid Mixing Plant offer the best machines for industrial use. 

Today, we are up with the blog that explains the features of our exclusive Axial Extruder Machine

Axial Extruder’s major uses are:-

  1. The axial Extruder machine is widely used for making pellets of different sizes, starting from a minimum of 400 microns to a maximum of 2000 microns. Axial Extruder gives mild compaction and is ideal for most of the Pharmaceutical formulation related to pelletization.
  2. Axial Extruder machinery consists of Hopper for loading of wet mass. Hopper as internal blades connected to gear to rotate and systematically push the material into the feed hopper of Extruder Chamber. The Extrusion chamber is Jacketed from outside for the circulation of cold water to maintain the temperature of the product in case the product is sensitive.
  3. The extrusion chamber consists of twin screws that transfer the material towards the pressing cam and out from the perforation of the screen of the desired dia.
  4. The axial Extruder is available from R&D to Production batches with a minimum output of 250 gms, and maximum 150 kgs/hr Axial Extruder is cGMP complied pieces of equipment with a self-standing model for Production scale & tabletop model for R&D scale
  5. HMI control operation with built-in electrical panel for ease in maintenance.
  6. Higher version of Axial Extruder comes along with the  21 CFR Part 11 module with report options and online printing of day to day activity carried on the equipment.
  7. Stainless steel 316 construction contact parts rest Stainless steel 304.
  8. PLC Automated touch screen controls have been enabled.
  9. 21CFR controls possible on options.
  10. Siemens / Allen Bradley based automated controls.
  11. Pellet processing efficiencies ensure the highest level of product performance.
  12. Efficient product processing for nearly 100% product recovery.
  13. Different axial meshes (0.2, 0.3, 0.4,0.5 , 0.6, 0.8, 1.0 and 1.2mm).
  14. Low fine generation.

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