Tray Drying

Tray dryers are taken in use to dry products in the industry where drying and heating plays a central part in the manufacturing process. It is the most reliable drying technique in medicine, food, dyestuff and chemical manufacturing industry, among others. Tray dryers are under high demand with the wet-granulation method often used in the booming pharmaceutical and food sector. For drying, the input materials are batched, put in trays and loaded into ovens. Tray drying works well for material that needs more delicate processing or cannot be vaporized in an airstream due to viscosity. The end product can vary significantly depending on chemical and physical characteristics.

How does a Tray Dryer work?

The material that needs to be dried either solid or liquid is initially loaded into the trays, and the trays are subsequently placed in the Tray dryer chamber. Then fresh air is passed through the inlet, which helps in heating and drying the material.

The basic operating principle of this machine is the continuous circulation of hot air. In the tray dryer, conventional heating removes moisture from the solids placed in the tray.

A flow in a radiator coil or electric heater transfers heat through the trays via hot air circulation. The installed blower fans enable the transfer, as well as the proper flow of the heat. Moreover, the machinery has a control panel for temperature regulation as well as other parameters fixed outside the machine and support in its functioning.

How to operate a Tray Dryer?

Check that the machine is clean before starting the dryer. Please make sure the main switch is turned off. Then load the materials that need to be dried onto the trays and shut the door firmly. Set the temperature according to the BMR and switch on the power supply. Start the blower and heater. Run the dryer for the recommended amount of time to achieve the desired degree of drying.

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