Vibro Sifter and Lab Oscillating Granulator

Vibro Sifter

Vibro Sifter is one of the equipments utilized in the process of screening and grading of the solid-liquid material process in order to isolate the coveted components and also some of the unwanted elements that are the mixture of one solid and the other solid (in which two of the solids basically have distinct properties) hence, it is different when it comes to converting solid into a liquid material. This process is utilized in numerous industries like pharmaceuticals, plastic, minerals, pesticides, cosmetics, plastics, and fertilizers.

A Vibro sifter is equipment that contains a screen that is located at the base of the plate and it is directly connected centrally to the gyratory motor. In the machine, the material is then fed for further process through an inlet present at the top section of the machine and it is dropped onto the screen. These particles are usually smaller compared to the size of the mesh that passes through the screen & the particles that are bigger are released out of the machine through the outlet that is present in the machine. Apart from this, there is a compound in the vibratory motor that weights the object placed on both the top & bottom screen, and this part allows the filtration and separation of required material. Hence, the total assembly of the machine is fully mounted on the required spring as it is a independent body that vibrates without any kind of vibrations on the foundation of the entire equipment.

Lab Oscillating Granulator

Lab Oscillating granulator plays a vital role in granulating the wet & dry materials and it is also mainly utilized in the research centers of industries like pharmaceutical and chemical processing. This machine serves different purposes, where One major purpose of the machine is for processing out along with the grading of powder/granules extracts utilized in the process of food-making and also in some of the industries like chemicals & pharmaceuticals. Hence, the Oscillating granulator counted in some reliable type of machines which are utilized in the industries in order to process out the powder & granules. In fact, certain qualities that makes the machine special is the principle, applications, and features that oscillating granulator offer. And therefore, some of the various points that will cover all the factors and facts to know about this oscillating granulator along with the wet & dry granulation process that the machine is capable of.