Working Principle of Different Pharmaceutical Equipment

Working Principle of Comminuting Mill

Comminuting Mill is the equipment used for the downsizing, milling, pulverization, and dispersion of wet and dry products in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, cosmetics, fertilizers, etc. How this equipment works are that the product is poured from the top through in feed hopper and the material falls on a rotating blades beater for milling or pulverization. There are knife edges mounted on the rotary and the downsizing of the material takes place

The quality and output depend on the size of the beater. Fixed beater assembly provided increases its output manifold while decreasing its noise level.

( Milling And Size Reduction ) Comminuting Mill

How Conical Mill Works

A conical mill (or conical screen mill) is a machine used to reduce the size of material uniformly. It is an alternative to the hammermill or other forms of grinding mills. This cone mill operates in the manner that the product being fed is being fed into the mill by gravity or vacuum and a rotating impeller forces the material outward to a conical screen surface where it is sized and let out through the screen openings. Cone milling is the most efficient where size reduction is needed in powder processing industries. It has a wider opening that allows the matter to be ground to be placed and a narrow ending for the exit of finer materials.

The cone mill operates by applying gravity or vacuum to the product matter that needs to be broken down.

(Milling And Size Reduction ) Cone Mill

Working Principle of Colloidal Mill

A colloid mill machine is a machine that is used to reduce the particle size of a solid in suspension in a liquid or to reduce the droplet size in emulsions. It works on the principle. The Colloidal Mill is based on a rotor that rotates at high speed and very close to a conical stator. The fineness adjustment is obtained by graduating the gap between the rotor and the stator using a hand-wheel with an electronic indicator and a grinding wheels position sensor. There is an exchange of grinding rotors and high shear effect to obtain fine particle sizes in this Co Mill.

Colloid Mill

Working Principle of Multi Mill

Milling Multi Mill is a self-contained portable unit that is used for high-speed granulation, pulverizing, mixing, shredding, and chopping of dry materials with special attachments called beaters with Knife/Impact blades and Scraper blades to get the essential output. Multi Mill is designed to utilize the principle of variable force swing beaters having both knife and impact edges rotating within a selected screen to control the particle reduction. Material fed into the processing chamber moves to the periphery and passes through the screen radially and tangentially in this size reduction multi mill.

(Milling And Size Reduction) Multi Mill

Working Principle of Pharmaceutical Milling Machine

This Sieving and Milling Equipment reduces the particle size of a drug powder to increase the surface area which increases the bioavailability, dosage uniformity and improves the dissolution properties.Milling involves the application of mechanical energy to physically break down coarse particles into finer ones and is regarded as a “top-down” approach in the production of fine particles. Fine drug particulates are especially desired in formulations designed for parenteral, respiratory, and transdermal use. Milling is a cutting operation that removes metal by feeding the input against a rotator having multiple cutting edges.

( Sieving - Granding ) Turbo Sifter

Working Principle of IBC Bin & IPC Bin (Intermediate Bulk Containers, Intermediate Process Container)

The IBC Bin is a kind of mechanically, optically, and electrically integrated equipment that adopts PLC technology. It completes all actions like clamping lifting and mixing and lowering. The IBC container is loaded into a blender and locked at 15 degrees. The IPC Bin again create a dust-free operation and a good blending and mixing container. It is designed with a cylindrical body and tapered bottom. The moveable container/Bin bringing placed beneath the fixing arm operates the hydraulic drive system which lifts the arm with the container and it raises the container till it gets stops exactly in a position and then it could be unloaded. Inside the container, an intensive mixing principle is developed due to the cutting effect caused by its square shape.

Ibc Bin - Intermediate Process Container