Wet Granulation Process

Granulation Technologies – We offer multipurpose process solutions for solid dosage forms for pharmaceutical industries.

Shree Bhagwati – a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical process and packaging machinery offers the world’s largest range of process equipment. We are a renowned manufacturer and supplier for granulating, drying, mixing, blending, milling, size reduction, tableting, coating, pellet coating, pelletizing, homogenizing, stirring, vacuumised mixing, filtration, containment, material conveying, evaporation, cleaning and fermentation along with process integration and automation services for pharmaceutical machines, chemical industry machines, cosmetic industry machines, food industry machines, and bulk drug manufacturing machines.

Fluid Bed Spray Granulation

Fluid beds fitted with spray nozzles can be used for granulation. The top spray position was the most preferred option for many years but now the benefits of tangential spray systems have become very clear. One of the main benefits is the placement of the spray nozzle, which is in the area with higher shear forces that allow effective processing of the formulations that could only be granulated in high shear processors previously. The wet granulation process involves the addition of liquid of fluid beds. In recent times, there has been immense improvement in fluid beds in response to the competition from single pot technology.

Integrated High Shear Granulation and Fluid Bed Drying

This is one of the most preferred configurations used for the production of pharmaceutical granules on an industrial scale. It allows complete integration with the help of upstream and downstream equipment. In addition, it is also equipped with a wet mill between the granulator and dryer. It becomes very easy to load, mix, and granulate a second batch in the high shear granulator with modern control systems, whilst the previous batch is dried in the fluid bed before discharge. The cleaning of all equipment is done in a single automatic process.

Over the years we have developed a range of advanced machines for Wet Granulation Process, High Shear Granulation, and Fluid Bed Drying. All our machines are manufactured from the finest quality material hence they are very sturdy. Our range of high tech machines for wet granulation process is the most preferred choice because of its excellent performance and premium quality.

Our Range of Equipment for Granulation line includes Oscillating Granulator, Vibro Sifter Machine (Vibro Sifter or Vibro Screen), Sieving Vibro Screen, Granding Vibro Screen, Bin Blender, IBC Bin, Conta Blender, IPC Bin Loader, Comminuting Mill, Pharmaceutical Milling Machine, Cone Mill, Pharmaceutical Sieving, Pharmaceutical Mixing Machine, Double Cone Blender, Double Shape Blenders, Drum Mixer Blender, Barrel Mixers, Drum Mixing Equipment, Drum Mixing Blending, Fluid Bed Dryer Machines, High Shear Mixer Granulator, Dry Mixing Machine, Wet Mixing Machine, Mass Mixer, Powder Mixing Machine, Milling Multi Mill, Food Mixing Machine, Chemical Mixing Machine, Multi Mill, Size Reduction Multi Mill, Octagonal Blender, Octagonal Shape Blenders, Homogenizer Mixture Machine, Starch Paste Kettle, Paste Kettle for Starch, Tray Dryer, Tray Drying Ovens, Industrial Tray Dryers, Tumbler Blender, IBC Container Tumblers, IBC Bin Tumbler Blender, Turbo Sifter, Sieving and Milling Equipment, Sieving Machine, Milling Machine, V Blender, V Shape Mixer and V Shape Blending Machine.

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