Dry and Wet Mixing Machines

The surge in new technology implementation is reflected in our most innovative range of equipment for the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceuticals, Chemical, and Herbal Industries. Our range of Mixer Blender systems delivers high performance in mixing, blending, granulation, or coating of dry and wet solids. The machines are designed with extreme caution for the safety of the operators. We have the Drum Mixer blender which uses drums or barrels to provide a homogenous mixture of particles. The Mass Mixer gives a good homogenous mix to the particles especially when large volumes have to be catered to. Our product range has been most suitable for different industrial applications and in various countries.

The Nauta Mixer aids in the gentle mixing of powders in a consistent manner for small lots or small to medium batch production. Fluidized action is also used for mixing wet and dry materials in the Paddle Mixer Blender and suitable for large-scale manufacturing. When the mixing, kneading, and extruding of high viscous materials, pastes, and sticky dough products the Ribbon Mixer Blender is widely used.

We offer machines to serve all purposes and our machines have a sturdy body with great durability. The Dry and Wet Mixers even make use of high shear force where optimal results are to be produced. Our industry experts meet specific processing requirements and are equipped with advanced technology.

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