Tablet Coating Machine

Tablet Coating Machine

We are a trusted manufacturer and supplier of pharmaceutical machinery offering a wide range of high quality tablet coating machines. The advanced tablet coater machines manufactured by us are used in coating tablets in the pharmaceutical, food, and other related industries. Over the years we have gained immense expertise in manufacturing high tech tablet coating system to exceed the requirements of our customers. Our range of tablet coating equipment is made of the top quality material hence it is highly durable and long lasting. Because of the high performance and unmatched quality, our high tech tablet coaters are a preferred choice for leading pharmaceutical and food manufacturing companies.

Tablet Coater

Tablet coating is a very old pharmaceutical process that is still effective. Tablet coater machines apply a dry outer layer of coating material to the surface of tablets. The Pill coating process offers a number of benefits such as odor masking, taste masking, physical protection, and chemical protection. Some of the most popular Pill coating techniques are sugar coating, film coating, and enteric coating. In general pill coating machines are used to apply edible coating material on the surface of tablets to achieve specific advantages.

Automatic Tablet Coating Machine

The Tablet coater is one of the important equipment for the pharmaceutical and food industries. Tablet Auto Coater is a highly efficient, energy-saving, and safe equipment for coating pills and tablets. In the coating process for tablets, baffles ensure that the tablets are mixed freely in the drum as it rotates. The spray gun atomizes coating solutions and directs it on the tablets. Dry inlet air flows from the upper section of the drum passing in between the tablets which leaves the drum through perforations. It leads to an increase in the efficiency of the tablet coater. The tablet coater machine is also known as Auto Coating Machine, Auto Coater, Pill Coating System, Conventional Coating machine for tablet, Automatic Pill Coating Machine with Hot Air blower, Tablet Coating machine with spraying systems, Auto Coating Machine with PLC, Tablet Auto Coater with AHU, Tablet Coating equipment with Pan, Spray Gun, AHU, PLC, solution tanks and many more.

Agitator-Stirrer, Homogenizer, Blender Machine, Atomized Spraying System, Colloidal Mill Machine

In addition to the coating systems for tablets, we offer a wide range of high tech machines like Agitator, Stirrer, Homogenizer, Blender Machine, Atomized Spraying System, Automatic Tablet Coater, Colloid Mill, Colloidal Mill Machine, Homogenizers, Emulsifiers, BIN, IBC, Cone Mill, Fluid Bed Dryer, Granulator, Tablet Processing Machine, Coater, Fitz Mill, Dry Granulator, Tilting Device, Power Mill, High Shear Mixer, Rocking Mixer, Super Mixer, V-Mixer, Microwave Dryer, Vacuum Suction Device, Tumbling Mixer, Cloud Mill, Pelletizer Machine, Roller Compactor, Centrifugal Coater Granulator, Wet Granulator, Through Circulation Dryer, Ointment & Cream Filling Machine, Planetary Homo Mixer, Vacuum Homogenous Mixer, Oral Dosage Equipment, Storage Tank and more.

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