The centrifuge works on the principle of sedimentations makes use of a centrifugal for the separation of liquid from solid when the slurry is charged from the outlet of the reactor to the inlet of the centrifuge. It gives proper filtration while giving a clear wet cake to easily use in the drying process.
These centrifuges are available in different diameters and are used in pharmaceutical, food processing, active pharmaceutical industries, chemicals, etc., Where the solid-liquid separation is required.


What are the Different Functions Performed by Centrifuge & its Applications?

A Centrifuge is efficient machine for Liquid Solid separation and centrifugal filtration/ fluid clarification in various industries such as Pharmaceutical, Bulk Drugs, API, Chemical, Textile, Herbal, Oil & Sugar Industries.

The centrifuge is a simple device usually driven by a motor that woks on the principle of sedimentation. Objects in a centrifuge are rotated around a fixed axis, thus applying a force perpendicular to the axis. The sedimentation principle uses the centripetal acceleration to evenly separate substances of varying density. Centrifuges can be divided or categorized on several bases such as manual top discharge, Lifting bag type and reversing filter bags with 3 point or 4 Point suspension and front charging & Pusher type.


Why are Centrifuge Suitable for Pharma Industry Use?

  • Design is cGMP with all contact parts AISI 316.
  • Centrifuge is used for separating liquids from solids and centrifugal filtration/ fluid clarification.
  • It is offered in basket sizes of 24″ 36″ 48″ & 60″.
  • Centrifuges offered in different model
    • 1. Heavy duty three point or four point suspension with under driven baskets.
    • 2. Front loading & discharge with horizontal driven basket.
    • 3. Pusher type centrifuge.
  • These machines are available with top discharge, bottom discharge or bag lifting type.
  • Filter cloth is available in the desired strength and micron size.
  • The fabric with poly- propylene, woven / non woven polyester, nylon, cotton etc.