De Blister

De Blister

For an easy and effective recovery of the blister fillings, de-blister is an ideal equipment to perform the process in the formulation plants of the pharmaceutical industries.

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De-Blister can safe recover all blister fillings except glass product fillings like vials, tablets, ampoules, gelatin capsules, etc. products from packs.

It is a machine with Adjustable Blades so that one Cutter is sufficient for all packes, which will be De-Blistered by you. The reason we call this machine Semi-Automatic because the Operator of this machine will have to feed pack into the machine so that the Table/Capsule will come out from one side and the empty pack will come out from the other side.

In the case of products blister filled in the thermoformed PVC film and sealed with HSL coated aluminum foil,-output efficiency as high as 90% can be achieved. This reduces to 60% in case of recovery from glass-lined paper foils.


  • Completely fully automatic operations and designed as per cGMP – Current Good Manufacturing Practices compliance
  • All contact parts AISI 316 & non contact parts AISI 304.
  • Proper framework and workmanship ensures best result in product recovery.
  • Excellent control over materials and manufacturing ensures quality.
  • The fitment of rubber roller in proper inclination with respect to the S. S. rings gives minimum breakage during recovery.
  • This machine accommodates combination packs for recovery.
  • The use of special A. C. synchronous motor gives makes the machine compact.
  • The use of special A. C. synchronous motor gives instant start and stop to motor.
  • A.C. synchronous motor gives uniform velocity and thus uniform torque for better performance.
  • Manual feeding of blister packs in to the recovery area makes visual inspection easy.
  • Transparent cover at prominent places makes visual inspection of operation easy as well as cleaning of the machine also will be easy.
  • Replacement parts are easy to procure.
  • No change over parts, same machine for all type of pack layout.
  • Current required 0.6 Ampere.
  • Voltage 220 volts.
  • Speed 60 RPM.
  • Torque 40 kg/ cm


  • AC Frequency drive with variable speed.
  • Flame proof Electricals.