Turn Table / Unscrumbler

Turn Table / Unscrumbler

Consisting of simple designs, the Visual Bottle Inspection Machine is used for the visual identification and rectification of unwanted particles and leaks in the final packing operation of food and pharma industries.

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Visual Bottle Inspection Machine APPLICATION & PROCESS

Stainless steel scrambler & Un Scrambler, which is familiar as turn table. This is built on SS Square frame, solid guide rail & reduction gear box for jerk less & noiseless performance. Turntable is useful to Insure total synchronization, uniform flow of container and to take a turn at 90 degree to suit different machine and purpose in automatic liquid line.

Container inputs in turn table by manually or automatic will rotate on disk of turn table and exit through outlet, during rotation of container will guided by a SS strip, which will guide the container towards outlet path.

SALIENT FEATURES of Turn Table Machine

  • Design as per cGMP – Current Good Manufacturing Practices compliance
  • Available different model with 20″,30″,36″,48″ diameter of turn Table.
  • Machine structure is made from AISI 304.
  • Three step pulley for different speed.
  • Special self-aligning bearings ensure smooth and trouble free operation.
  • Suitable for different type of container.
  • S.S. Elegantly Matt Finished Body.
  • Reduction gear motor 0.5 hp ensure jerk free and noiseless operation.

Turn Table (Visual Bottle Inspection Machine) OPTIONAL FEATURES

  • Variable speed drive.
  • Castor Wheel with lock
  • Acrylic Cover
  • Tray for loading or unloading of container.